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Overview of DCNH Subtypes

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Contacting / Distancing

-D & C are Contacting: their need for contact predominates;
-N & H are Distancing: they need to maintain distance.
Interferes with Extraversion / Introversion.

Terminating / Initiating

-D & N are Terminating: they have the ability to finish what was started and a tendency towards orderliness and regulation;
-C & H are Initiating: they have the tendency to initiate and to easily move on to something else, with ensuing disorder in one's matters and affairs.
Concretization of the classic Rational / Irrational.

Connecting / Ignoring

-D & H are Connecting: they are sensitive to changes in the environment;
-C & N are Ignoring: they are capable of paying no attention to changes.
Interferes with Static / Dynamic.

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