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Ethical / Logical

Ethical types: ESE, SEI, EIE, IEI, SEE, ESI, IEE, EII
Logical types: ILE, LII, SLE, LSI, LIE, ILI, LSE, SLI 

Aushra Augusta

Logic / Ethics from On the Dual Nature of Humanity, The Characteristic of IEE and The Characteristic of EII
Object-Subject Programming in Theory of Reinin Dichotomies, Part 3

Victor Gulenko

Logic and ethics in Socionics
Logic / Ethics in Signs of Reinin



In their thoughts and interactions, give greater weight to ethical factors.

Rather talk about ethical evaluations ("good or bad").

Frequently better at solving interpersonal problems.

More often have problems with finding logical solutions.

Tend to prefer persuasion over argumentation.

More vulnerable to "logical" manipulation.


More often make decisions based on logical reasons.

Rather talk about logical evaluations ("right or wrong").

Frequently interested in systems, structures and patterns.

More often have interpersonal problems.

Tend to prefer argumentation over persuasion.

More vulnerable to "ethical" manipulation.


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