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Creative subtype (Contactor)

-Dichotomies: Initiating, Contacting, Ignoring
-Formula: IE(F) | NeFe(Se)
-Role: Idea Generator, Problem Solver, Rebellious Bright Generator

The creative subtype is characterized by the following features:
  1. Increased need for change
  2. The search for new directions and allies
  3. Obsession with the idea, originality
  4. Rebellious and individualistic behavior, hostility
  5. Ignoring the usual standards
  6. Impulsiveness
  7. Aversion to long procedures.


1) A role on a team that approaches people outside of the team in hopes of securing new resources and opportunities, but also provides a brainstorming power when the team is stuck while trying to implement the directives of the Dominant team lead.

2) Creative subtype can also be recognized through accentuated inventive Intuition of Opportunities, I, flexible Force Sensorics, F, friendly and approachable Ethics of Emotions, E; all three functions working together to produce a smart problem solver and a charming person who easily makes contact on behalf of the team. 

3) Creative subtype can also be recognize by how easily they approach people to make contact, or how unafraid they are to face the danger or difficulty (contacting); how easy it is for them to start new tasks or make inventive suggestions, to get the team going in the right direction around the stumbling blocks (initiating); and how sometimes they can be unafraid, ignoring dangers, taking risks on behalf of the team (ignoring). Outside of social interactions, Creative subtype still preserves its curiosity and a tendency to move towards interesting, unusual, and sometimes dangerous activities, for a purpose of experiencing adrenaline and dopamine pumping through their veins again.

4) Creatives will define personal goals not based on some kind of distant life accomplishments, but based on what fancies them and stimulates their interests right now in this moment.

5) Creative subtype will pursue their goals according to their temperament, and once those goals are reached, they will stick with them for some time until they grow bored, then find something else interesting to pursue, may even reverse the direction to backtrack a bit, but otherwise, they are not concerned moving in circles and getting nowhere, as long as the activity excites them.

Although each of the Creative subtypes can begin at the same starting point, they are very likely to end up in different locations after some time. Each temperament will set their goals according to their own interests, all moving in different chaotic directions.

LA will move towards their first distraction in a linear and straight-forward fashion. Once they identify what they want to pursue, they will quickly acceleration towards it. Once the target is reached, manifestations of a temperament may disappear for some time (or manifest in some other ways). However, after a while, Distraction #1 will become boring and LA will find something else in the environment that might interest them, so they will quickly accelerate towards Distraction #2, and so on, and so forth.

FM temperament will still jump from one interest to the next one, circling around it, until it grows bored. Once boredom sets in, Creative FM will find a new anchor of interest to circle around, and will continue jumping from interest to interest occasionally.

BS temperament will pursue their interests with the same slow speed as the Dominant variant. They will spend a lot of time refining techniques associated with the interest, for example, woodworking. But once they master a technique, they may switch the direction, and maybe start painting instead, seemingly trying different activities that keeps them entertained.

Creative RAs will be fickle and oscillate between several interest not only on the monthly basis, but on a daily as well, revisiting some old interests, being victims to their own unstable moods. One day they will pursue Model A, the other Vultology, then psychosophy, then back to Model G.

Creative-Dominant (CD): The Determined Maverick

—Expressing themselves brightly no matter the reaction of others (so not Dominant-Creative)
—Act decisively and resourcefully to have independent control over their own affairs
—Main characteristics: Order subtype (Contacting), Reactive Metabolism
—Blurred characteristics: Initiating, Ignoring

Creative-Normalizing (CN): The Meticulous Explorer

—Boldly and spontaneously adventuring in unexplored territory (so not Normalizing-Creative)
—Map their trials carefully and adhere to firm principles that they learned
—Main characteristics: Revision subtype (Ignoring), Proactive Metabolism
—Blurred characteristics: Initiating, Contacting

Creative-Harmonizing (CH): The Easygoing Free-Spirit

—At ease taking risks and making contacts to pursue their interests (so not Harmonizing-Creative)
—At peace with themselves and calm and flexible with the similar minded
—Main characteristics: Dual subtype (Initiating)
—Blurred characteristics: Contacting, Ignoring
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