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Ne (Extraverted Intuition) / I (Ideas)

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Extraverted Intuition according to Aushra Augustinavichiute

Information about potential energy of objects – for example, someone’s physical and psychological abilities and capabilities. This perception provides an ability to understand the structure of objects and phenomena, to figure out their internal content. It determines one’s ability or inability to see real potential forces of the environment.

When this aspect of perception is in the leading position, the individual has pronounced cognitive interests. They are constantly busy studying profound phenomena, which they quite successfully explain to others by making complicated things simple. Such an individual likes to explain to others what they themselves understood. In favorable conditions becomes a scientist or a writer. Able to find optimal ways of increasing the object’s potential energy. “Charges” others with their own understanding of the surrounding objects’ capabilities.[1]

Extraverted Intuition according to WSS

Aspect: Imagined Possibilities. A possibility is an instance or scenario which has yet to be experienced, but which could happen under the right conditions. These can be events, or alternative explanations, ideas or opinions. Another angle to those already on offer. The range of possibilities available can often be huge, and can bring great intellectual, spiritual and material rewards if considered, but not if they are missed out on, or never thought of.

Metabolism: The individual keeps themselves open to a range of alternative possibilities to those currently being worked on, seeing what could happen and being able to switch to something else if things happening now no longer seem ideal or of interest. Any position has one or more alternative positions and the individual may hold all as potential places to move to depending on the circumstances. In this way, the person's intentions remain flexible, adapting to multiple circumstances.

Strength: The person possesses a good awareness of the different possibilities and alternatives available to them, seeing the potential in each, and is able to readily adapt to unexpected and unlikely changes without great disturbance. Their lives show breadth and variety. They are able to draw from a wide range of different interests and can bolster their activities with creative insight, trying out unconventional and untried ideas that grant an original edge or stand out from others for their novelty.

Value: The person desires a broadening of their horizons and the possibilities open to them, wanting the potential freedom to do whatever they feel like doing, and not wanting to miss out if they change their mind. They like open-mindedness, being willing to consider alternatives to their opinion and not rejecting things in case they might be wrong. They will be willing to try things out, see how things go, and be curious about the variety that life has to offer. Such people want to accept things, giving them a second chance, readily exploring and appreciating the unexpected.[2]

Extraverted Intuition according to SHS

Hypotheses, guesses, insights; innovations, experiments; inclinations, abilities, talents; digestive system.


Intuition manifests as the extraction of information from a person’s subconsciousness. The subconscious storehouse of human information is comparable in size to that of an outside world, so the intuition of possibility is the most intellectual of all thinking functions. A person in an I-state submerges below the line of consciousness and draws from the depths of their intellect to answer paradoxical questions that logic is incapable of answering. Technologically, intuitive thinking tends to operate with visual images. Vague images extracted from the subconsciousness are synthesised into complicated constructions, which, upon reaching certain maturity, get illuminated by a bright flash of understanding–an intuitive guess. A person in the I-state has their eyes freeze at the middle elevation, their pupils dilated, the gaze becomes unfocused.


A person engaged in a prolonged I-state takes on the role of an intellectual leader—a generator of ideas. I-type shows an increased intellectual activity, striving for new and complex tasks. The idea generator has a hard time performing standard and routine operations. They devote all their energy to rid themselves of the mundane, inventing new approaches. A person in the I-state cares little about what other people think of their proposals and projects. By making new discoveries, they satisfy their own curiosity.


A person in an I-state experiences feeling associated with self-absorption, a detachment from the external world with a strong internal concentration. The I-state is similar psychologically to the effect of breaking of the dam and water rushing out. The first stage of the intuitive process is accompanied by a painful feeling of dissatisfaction: a person cannot find a place for themselves while their ideas are hatching. An idea, it would seem, matures on its own. This slow process, however, requires an intervention so that the necessary images emerge from the subconscious. Eventually, this intellectual tension ends abruptly, replaced by relief and joy—the idea is finally born.


The I-state turns you into a person with a non-standard behaviour. The face becomes very expressive. You may see a frozen and unfocused gaze, muscles around the eyes getting tense, eyebrows being pushed towards the bridge of the nose, forming vertical folds on the forehead. The body freezes in a fixed position in which you are caught by an intuitive thought. Movements freeze and the body sets into a position. This continues until the moment of epiphany, after which the static freezing is suddenly replaced by a turbulent display of emotions. A strong physical manifestation of the I-state is feeling as if swimming—immersion in water and weightlessness.[3]


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