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Typology Starterpack

MBTI and Cognitive Functions



Big 5

Psychosophy & Attitudinal Psyche

The 4 Temperaments

Wiki Editing Guidelines

What to write

  • Beginner-friendly typology content that can help improve the quality of consensus vote on PDB.
  • Different opinions on controversial topics.
  • Advanced typology content for people who wish to learn more about typology.
  • Other content of value to the community.

What to delete immediately

  • Spam.
  • Plagiarized or infringing content.
  • Content insulting a user, a group, or a personality type.
  • Offensive or NSFW content.
  • Other content violating Community Rules

Principles on wiki content

  1. Be neutral:
    • State facts as facts, opinions as opinions;
    • State different opinions on controversial topics.
  2. Avoid copyright infringement:
    • Provide proper citations for quotations;
    • Avoid copy and paste large proportion of copyrighted content. 

Editing Tips

    • To all early contributors: Please be free to write anything that is of value to the community without worrying too much about the template or structure, as long as they are following the guidelines above. The pages can be re-arranged and sorted after we have more content created.
    • How to format your page - this template can be helpful.
    • How to edit - this test page will show you how easy it is to edit.

More information on wiki guidelines can be found on the About page.

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