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125 - The Mentor Archetype

According to Katherine Fauvre[1]

If you are a 125, you are very diligent, caring, and knowledgeable. You want to be ethical, helpful, and wise. You are very idealistic and see what needs to be done and the simple and effective ways to do it. You are intensely private but care about people. You seek practical systems and procedures to measure results and effectiveness. You can come across as particular at times but you are always focused on improvement.[1]

Community descriptions

Karkino (Personality Cafe)[2]

2+5 The Advisor

Double rejection. Pairing that is the most interested in learning about why people do what they do. Appear emotionally guarded by amiable at the same time. Pairing opposing two different polarities that can be difficult to sustain harmoniously. Oscillate between the need to reach out to others and retreat inside their minds. Often attentive and observant of other’s many needs and behaviors. Good listeners: want to understand what people have to say without being intrusive. Sociable, but they need a lot of alone time. Deny their own needs and may think that others might need them and not the reverse. Less likely than other TWOs to feel openly entitled and resentful of others if they don’t show immediate appreciation for services and deeds. Often express anger and hostility in an indirect manner, even if core EIGHT. Can spend a long time of their day observing and analyzing people. Often have hidden intentions, not truly open with what they want. Learn early how they can be of service and appreciated while not being overwhelmed by their environment. Help people by giving out advices, tips and personal knowledge. Pride comes from being knowledgeable and not feeling the need to spend too much time with people to be satisfied. Often provide help, then return to the shadows when they are done. Some people with this combination make very good psychologists, advisors, etc. Often more comfortable with one-on-one conversation than with a crowd. Manage avarice by limiting and controlling time and resources allocated to people. The 5 fix helps the core 2 to pull back from the action and be more aware of the subtle interactions and be interested in it. The 2 fix helps the core 5 to pitch in and be part of the group and understand that they can profit emotionally from what they know.

1+5 The Rational

Double competency. Pairing that is the most focused on accuracy and scientific methods of reasoning. Most cerebral combination. Usually display tastes for intellectual pursuits and a deep hunger for knowledge. Not easily satisfied with the superficial answers; knows what and how to search for them. Usually very focused mind that can home in on what to extract from books and sources of information. Can give extremely detailed and structured information about a subject that they have studied. Probably one of the most aloof and emotionally distant pairing there is. A TWO wing or fix can help alleviate that tendency. Very curious mind. They want to know everything that something or someone has to offer. There is always an effort to be exhaustive and precise in their speech while avoiding rambling if possible. Pairing that is the most uncomfortable with superficial chat and can be awkward in social situations. It’s hard for them to let go of the formalities and be more open-minded for one. They can be stuck with their way of thinking and not welcome new situations because of this. Can be frustrated by the lack of standards and in-depth knowledge that others cannot display. Can be easily seen by others as know-it-alls, since they like to correct people on having accurate information. This pairing can suffer from mental exhaustion because of the level of accuracy and methodical search that they abide by on a daily basis. The 5 fix helps the core 1 to withhold judgment before complete exhaustivity and having a more objective outlook on a subject. The 1 fix helps the core 5 weighing which information is worthful or not and become more structured in its analysis.

1+2 The Guide

Double compliant. Enhances the natural wings of ONE and TWO. Pairing that wants most focused on teaching and guiding people. Naturally like to inform and dispense information. May secretly cultivate a superiority complex. Easily frustrated with laziness, inattentive behavior. May need to show the example and be a role-model at all times. Extremely sensitive to ungratefulness. May push people too much to better themselves. Want to bring structure and being appreciated for it. Often want to be an agent of change, especially if social subtype. Often feel morally obligated to help people and will chose to ignore their own need in favor of helping people. They are very hard on themselves and want to be perceived as good people. Want to be seen as humble yet crave compliments. Their lower side is that they might think of themselves as incorruptible and that they cannot be flawed whatsoever. May be robotic and forceful in the way they help since it’s expected of them. Often hide their aggressive and resentful nature through selective criticism. Can be abusive and arrogant and think they have the right to be that way since people are ungrateful and don’t notice how hard they try to be selfless. Their anger can erupt in rather brusque and spectacular accusations and name-calling. On very low levels of health, may think of themselves as a martyr and/or as a victim. The 2 fix helps the core 1 be more aware of interpersonal needs and how their worldview affect people. The 1 fix helps the core 2 distance themselves from their emotional need and focus on the ethical quality in each situation.

Personality Types blog[3]


These Ones are kind, helpful and altruistic, but also a bit more introverted and reserved. They usually give to others without asking very much in return, mainly because they dislike receiving something from other people. They can have a vague push-pull dynamic to them: they can be very generous and involved with people, but they will as well demand time alone to rebuild their energy and sort out their thoughts. They often have a wise appearance and enjoy learning and teaching things to others.
typical subtypes: self-preserving, social, 1w2
similar tritypes: 1-5-2, 2-1-5
flavours: dutiful, altruistic, considerate and wise


This is an introverted, intellectual and rather altruistic One, who desires to invest their efforts in building a better world for all. Although they’re reserved and somewhat hard to get to know, they prefer to work for selfless, humanitarian purposes and they are excellent teachers with lots of patience, knowledge and a wise kindness to them. The world of academia fits them well as they are erudite, idealistic and they like people.
usual subtypes: social, self-preserving, 1w9, 1w2
similar tritypes: 5-1-2, 1-2-5
flavours: wise, knowledgeable, scholarly and kind


These Fives could make great teachers – they are precise, ethical, thorough, disciplined, but also altruistic and willing to help other people. They are usually moral and righteous individuals, who have high ideals and are willing to stand by a cause they believe in. Their interest in people and commitment to knowledge and improvement can turn them into crusaders for theories and systems that can make the world a better place, sometimes at the cost of their own physical and emotional needs.
typical subtypes: social, 5w6
similar tritypes: 5-2-1, 1-5-2
flavours: idealistic, conscientious, principled and ethical


These Fives enjoy using their knowledge and expertise in the benefit of others and are typically attracted to humanitarian causes. They are more altruistic and generous than other Fives and also more social, involved and controlling. They want to help other people and usually do it by teaching them how to help themselves – they can make good teachers. However they have some trouble with acknowledging their own problems and needs and tend to protect their inner world by focusing on others.
typical subtypes: social, 5w6
similar tritypes: 5-1-2, 2-5-1
flavours: altruistic, social, devoted and controlling


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