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Child - Mother - Father

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The Enneagram has an aspect of gender and family to it which is not exactly essential to understanding the Enneagram, but provides insight into how the overall Enneagram works, as well as clarifies some of the language modern Enneagram authors use to refer to the types (this may also partially be explained by the fact that the Enneagram of Personality was conceived in in Chile with the use of Spanish, and Spanish is a highly gendered language).

The child, mother, and father all correspond to a center of intelligence in the same way that the active, emotional, and intellectual capacities do. The child (filial) is the gut triad and it is active, the mother is the heart triad and it is emotional, and the father is in the head triad and it is intellectual. Following the nature of these triads, the right side of the Enneagram (heart) is more common in women, while the left side (head) is more common in men. That does not mean that these types are always either men or women, it simply suggests a trend.

These further split into auxillary types that are specific to each type on the Enneagram.

Mother (Madre)
Father (Paterno)
Child (Hijo)
E2 = Mother - Mother E5 = Father - Father E1 = Child - Father
E3 = Mother - Child E6 = Father - Child E9 = Child - Mother
E4 = Mother - Father E7 = Father - Mother E8 = Child - Child



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