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479 - The Gentle Spirit Archetype

According to Katherine Fauvre

Community descriptions

Karkino (Personality Cafe)[1]

4+7: The Whimsical

  • Double frustration.
  • Pairing that is the most imaginative and fantastical.
  • This is the enfant terrible with a wild imagination.
  • See imaginative ways to practical problems.
  • Very idealistic but with unstable and fickle energy.
  • Want significance and playfulness in their daily lives.
  • May prefer their inner imagination to the drearier side of life.
  • Capricious and bratty in behavior since they want things done in a fun, playful manner.
  • They often hide their sadness and disenchantment behind impish or childlike behavior.
  • Easily bored since they see always see how life could be better and more meaningful in many ways.
  • Bipolar/dysthymic mind; oscillate between sadness and joy.
  • See things that are missing in order for the situation to be magical and original.
  • They feel miserable in conventional workplace that doesn’t allow creative thinking.
  • Easily see how certain situations can be stifling and boring and try to avoid them.
  • Can be impatient with their own negative feelings and move on too quickly instead of settling down and rooting out the cause of their anxiety.
  • This paring amplifies the need to be connected to our inner child and the importance of self-nurturance.
  • Seek to validate and exteriorize their magical inner world yet often feel bummed up by realistic expectations.
  • Feel conflicted with their need for immediate mental satisfaction clashing with their need for manifesting their emotional truth.
  • The 7 fix helps the core 4 find enjoyable ways to deal with their feelings of lacking and seek out novel solutions to bring out their creative side.
  • The 4 fix helps the core 7 stop chasing down countless options and be more sensitive to the emotional quality and nuances that each of them have.

4+9: The Receptive

  • Double withdrawn.
  • Pairing that is the most sensitive and sympathetic to suffering.
  • This is the healer, the highly sensitive person archetype.
  • Can feel a bit estranged from the group and expect others to welcome them.
  • They are often quite empathetic and can understand where people come from.
  • Often have strong healing presence as if people are drawn to them.
  • Often hide their sadness with a smile.
  • This is quite a passive combination that doesn’t feel the need to confront their problem readily in order to feel better.
  • Feel that something is missing in their life but won’t necessarily go all the way to find it.
  • Often have a nostalgic and/or romantic side.
  • Often dream about their ideal life instead of making it happen.
  • They like to escape into their feelings and thoughts for long periods of time.
  • Their behavior feels ghostly and ethereal, as if they were half-present.
  • Very sensitive but might not show it in fear of being rejected.
  • Envy is more private and quiet with this combination.
  • There is some sort of resigned attitude with this pairing.
  • Good listener but may focus too much on the sad/emotional part of the conversation.
  • May often look aloof and hesitant to engage.
  • May suffer in silence instead of looking for help or solve the problem.
  • If they aren’t careful, they can take a lot of abuse and not do anything about it.
  • Like most NINE pairings, manifest their anger in a passive-aggressive fashion, but also to themselves.
  • The 9 fix helps the core 4 smooth out their penchant for protest and ease out their harsher side.
  • The 4 fix helps the core 9 introspect more and spending more time with their emotional needs.

7+9: The Optimist

  • Double positive outlook.
  • Pairing that wants things to be easy and stress-free the most.
  • This is the dreamer or the troubadour archetype.
  • Don’t like to overcomplicate life and avoid seeing problems.
  • It doesn’t take them much to get excited but also not much to get bored.
  • Wants variety in a comfortable and unpretentious way.
  • Child-like energy in this pairing; very gentle and sunny disposition.
  • There is nothing rough or uppity with this pairing.
  • People mostly feel welcome and at ease with them.
  • Soft, expansive energy, always dreaming about what could be.
  • Most unfocused and ungrounded pairing of all.
  • Keeping a focus is hard for them.
  • They want to see the glass half full and have a hard time with negativity.
  • Can be secretly malcontent with what they have and don’t display their discomfort.
  • Seek novelty without forcing the events and are very adaptable.
  • Often have a lazy side that don't want to deal with boring or serious tasks.
  • Can seek excitement through material cravings (eating, gambling, spending, etc.) and not realizing how problematic it is.
  • Prone to compulsive but comforting addictions.
  • They don’t see how destructive they can be to themselves and others when they go into their unhealthy stages and shut off any negativity and responsibilities to stratify their need to escape reality.
  • The 9 fix helps the core 7 soften and temper their excitability in addition to being less prickly and overtly impatient.
  • The 7 fix helps the core 9 bolster their self-confidence and be more proactive and relational.

Some Intellectualizing C**t blog[2]

Positive, more relaxed than 478, less active but still have a “the cup is half full” attitude. Helpful, peaceful. Introspective. May avoid negative feelings, due to both 7 and 9, either running from or minimizing unsavory experiences. Daydreamers. Idealistic. Lighthearted yet still meaningful. Gentle impact rather than overwhelming on others, can affect them and buoy their moods, keep them out of the dumps, but they’re not too excited. Soothing quality. Introverted type, though amicable. Creative pursuits, be it ideas of thought or expressed through some artistic venue. Dreamy and imaginative, less grounded.


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