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145 - The Researcher Archetype

According to Katherine Fauvre

Community descriptions

Karkino (Personality Cafe)[1]

1+4: The Humanist

  • Double frustration.
  • Enhances the natural line of connection to ONE and FOUR.
  • Pairing that is the most focused on refining their ideals, pursuing higher standards.
  • Whatever the instinctual stacking or the head type, there is a strong push toward what is considered tasteful, decent and grotesque, vulgar.
  • Want to bring its intuition and imagination front and center but with certain standards and guidelines.
  • This is a very persnickety and particular pairing that needs to do things a certain way, even when it isn’t practical.
  • Subtle (or not so subtle) disdain for what is considered subpar, plain, normal or mediocre.
  • They are often hard to truly please and are even very critical of themselves.
  • Conflictual relationship with their emotions: refrain from feeling, then let go.
  • Wants to experience life in all its depth and glory, but the ONE fix wants to keep that within certain rules and boundaries of decency.
  • May cultivate spiritual and/or religious outlook on life.
  • Can bring out new standards of excellence, unparalleled visions of beauty.
  • Can be attached to certain aspects of art and/or culture.
  • Often quite philosophical and adamant about setting certain standards.
  • In very low levels of health may run the risk of emotional and mental exhaustion by restricting themselves from continuously harsh standards.
  • May unintendedly castrate their own emotional experience by repeated superego blockage.
  • Invertedly, may also sabotage their ability to think critically and rationally with their emotional tidal waves.
  • The 4 fix helps the core 1 to experience life through a more intuitive and spiritual way so to search for meaning.
  • The 1 fix helps the core 4 to bring structure and order in its emotional musings and bring out its internal desires to fruition.

1+5: The Rational

  • Double competency.
  • Pairing that is the most focused on accuracy and scientific methods of reasoning.
  • Most cerebral combination.
  • Usually display tastes for intellectual pursuits and a deep hunger for knowledge.
  • Not easily satisfied with the superficial answers; knows what and how to search for them.
  • Usually very focused mind that can home in on what to extract from books and sources of information.
  • Can give extremely detailed and structured information about a subject that they have studied.
  • Probably one of the most aloof and emotionally distant pairing there is. A TWO wing or fix can help alleviate that tendency.
  • Very curious mind. They want to know everything that something or someone has to offer.
  • There is always an effort to be exhaustive and precise in their speech while avoiding rambling if possible.
  • Pairing that is the most uncomfortable with superficial chat and can be awkward in social situations.
  • It’s hard for them to let go of the formalities and be more open-minded for one.
  • They can be stuck with their way of thinking and not welcome new situations because of this.
  • Can be frustrated by the lack of standards and in-depth knowledge that others cannot display.
  • Can be easily seen by others as know-it-alls, since they like to correct people on having accurate information.
  • This pairing can suffer from mental exhaustion because of the level of accuracy and methodical search that they abide by on a daily basis.
  • The 5 fix helps the core 1 to withhold judgment before complete exhaustivity and having a more objective outlook on a subject.
  • The 1 fix helps the core 5 weighing which information is worthful or not and become more structured in its analysis.

4+5: The Introspective

  • Double withdrawn.
  • Paring that is the most introspective and focused on its inner life.
  • Enhances the natural wings of FOUR and FIVE.
  • This is the deep divers of their own personal abyss.
  • People with this pairing are deep thinkers and feelers.
  • Often feel like a drop in the ocean, like they could be easily swallowed by the outside world.
  • Feel tired very quickly when interacting with people, especially in new environment.
  • Genuinely feel different and separate from the crowd.
  • Generally, prefer written communication over spoken one.
  • Seek depth in everything and often cannot tolerate daily conversations because of this.
  • Often engrossed in interests far more than other pairings.
  • They have a hard time communicating their feelings if they are caught up in them.
  • Often have a capacity for forming mental maps in which they can intuitively navigate.
  • Seek beauty and authenticity in the pursuit of knowledge.
  • Often have odd or unusual interests.
  • Can be shut ins and live in their own fantasy realm.
  • Can be emotionally moved and not overtly showing it at all.
  • Often have a hidden self that very few people are aware of.
  • Want to be known for their artistic complexity and ingenuity.
  • It can take them enormous amount of time to produce something because they always prioritize quality over quantity.
  • Feelings can be a source of anxiety, but they still want to experience them.
  • Often amass vast amount of knowledge and are often wise beyond their years.
  • The 5 fix helps the core 4 seek out logical causes to their feelings of inferiority and pursue intellectual hobbies.
  • The 4 fix helps the core 5 break out of the cerebral mindset and allow intuitive and emotional depth to seep into the self.

Personality Types blog[2]


A rather introverted and withdrawn One, more creative, original and abstract than most. Prefers the realm of imagination and has very high ideals and standards, especially in what concerns romantic relationships. They’re harder to get to know because they can be very reserved, moody and somewhat picky. They have artistic inclinations and can be quite whimsical and creative. Tend to feel overwhelmed by the real world and hide in their own perfect worlds of fantasy. Prone to bouts of existential depression.
Usual subtypes: self-preserving, sexual, 1w9
Similar tritypes: 1-5-4, 4-1-5
Flavours: solitary, melancholic, critical and whimsical


A reserved, cerebral and fairly intuitive One, who has a preference for the realm of the thought and the abstract. They can be very theoretical and philosophical and like to be alone and ponder things for a long time. They have a developed imagination and a deep insight into the nature of things and people. Mainly isolationists, they have a tendency towards spareness and austerity and are generally economical and even avaritious. At times experience gloomy moods which they strangely enjoy.
Usual subtypes: self-preserving, 1w9
Similar tritypes: 1-4-5, 5-1-4
Flavours: theoretical, philosophical, hoarding and insightful


These Fives stand out by being rather fussy - they’re pretentious and perfectionist and can be highly demanding of their environment. Idealistic and principled, these Fives can be very criticizing and rejecting of people and situations that do not meet their standards – many would call them fastidious. To a certain extent, they believe themselves to be superior and different from others - misunderstood but brilliant. Indeed their intellect, insightfulness and logical thinking, as well as their physical and emotional fragility contribute to an overly cerebral image.
Yypical subtypes: self-preserving, 5w4, 5w6
Similar tritypes: 1-5-4, 5-4-1
Flavours: principled, precise, finicky and sensitive


These Fives are perhaps the most typical of this type’s usual description – they’re withdrawn, imaginative, ingenious, detail-oriented and sensitive. Very intelligent and creative but also somewhat capricious, fussy and impractical, they have explicit standards of intellectual ability and artistic taste and tend to reject and ridicule anything and anyone that doesn’t rise up to them. Typical isolationists who feel misunderstood by society, they hide in their ivory tower of ideas and ideals, abstractly reconstructing reality according to their own terms.
Typical subtypes: self-preserving, sexual, 5w4
Similar tritypes: 4-5-1, 1-5-4
Flavours: individualistic, elegant, inventive and nit-picking


[1] Karkino (2019), Enneagram Pairings Revised & Expanded Edition
[2] Personality Types Blog (2009), Tritype Descriptions: One and Five

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