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458 - The Scholar Archetype

According to Katherine Fauvre

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Karkino (Personality Cafe)[1]

4+5: The Introspective

  • Double withdrawn.
  • Paring that is the most introspective and focused on its inner life.
  • Enhances the natural wings of FOUR and FIVE.
  • This is the deep divers of their own personal abyss.
  • People with this pairing are deep thinkers and feelers.
  • Often feel like a drop in the ocean, like they could be easily swallowed by the outside world.
  • Feel tired very quickly when interacting with people, especially in new environment.
  • Genuinely feel different and separate from the crowd.
  • Generally, prefer written communication over spoken one.
  • Seek depth in everything and often cannot tolerate daily conversations because of this.
  • Often engrossed in interests far more than other pairings.
  • They have a hard time communicating their feelings if they are caught up in them.
  • Often have a capacity for forming mental maps in which they can intuitively navigate.
  • Seek beauty and authenticity in the pursuit of knowledge.
  • Often have odd or unusual interests.
  • Can be shut ins and live in their own fantasy realm.
  • Can be emotionally moved and not overtly showing it at all.
  • Often have a hidden self that very few people are aware of.
  • Want to be known for their artistic complexity and ingenuity.
  • It can take them enormous amount of time to produce something because they always prioritize quality over quantity.
  • Feelings can be a source of anxiety, but they still want to experience them.
  • Often amass vast amount of knowledge and are often wise beyond their years.
  • The 5 fix helps the core 4 seek out logical causes to their feelings of inferiority and pursue intellectual hobbies.
  • The 4 fix helps the core 5 break out of the cerebral mindset and allow intuitive and emotional depth to seep into the self.

4+8: The Maskless

  • Double reactive.
  • Pairing that has the most difficulty with superficiality and lying in general.
  • Most intuitive pairing; see possibilities long before most people.
  • Intense reactivity to perceived dishonesty, falsehood and conventional thinking.
  • Most creative and unconventional pairing.
  • Out-of-the-box thinking and problem-solving.
  • Like to dig deep into emotional traumas, not afraid of defying taboos.
  • Protect the vulnerable, the rejected, the abandoned, the different.
  • Wants to live life according to their own musing, rejecting external expectations.
  • Are their own authority and can easily delve into insubordination.
  • Don’t have any problem going against the grain and be oppositional.
  • If it doesn’t ring true to them, it’s no gonna be validated.
  • They don’t sugarcoat anything, and they mean every word of it.
  • They trust their gut and their heart, so they are very instinctive in everything they do.
  • Often see right through others and intuitively know what makes people tick and how they manage everyday problems.
  • They often have piercing, intense look in their face.
  • This EIGHT is more conscious of its emotional needs and less fearful of its vulnerable side.
  • This pairing brings out intensity and emotional truthfulness.
  • People with this combination are extremely sensitive to insincerity and deceit.
  • Feel things strongly and express them in a powerful and/or eccentric way.
  • Can say deep or unconventional truths that few people might have reflected on before.
  • The 8 fix helps the core 4 assert their creative side and make something out of it.
  • The 4 fix helps the core 8 get in touch with their emotions and vulnerable side as well as their intuition.

5+8: The Independent

  • Double rejection.
  • Pairing that is the most strategic in their thinking.
  • Enhances the natural line of connection to FIVE and EIGHT.
  • This is the chess master or the mastermind.
  • Very strong opinions about topic they like or study.
  • Knowledge is power to them.
  • Never attack upfront first but can be sneaky and never let its sight away from their opponent.
  • Often doesn’t rely on one course of action and can change on a whim according to the situation.
  • May be underestimated by their peers because of the FIVE’s low energy giving the EIGHT are more subdued presence.
  • This FIVE is less intellectual in the sense of bookworm and more streetwise as this pairing learns best by experience.
  • They oscillate between action and observation very quickly as to never be truly in the moment nor completely still.
  • They often look calm and fixated on something, as they are waiting to strike on their prey at the right time.
  • Menacing or unfriendly presence even if unintentional.
  • Mix of hot and cold energy; may be hard to follow and hard to know deeply.
  • Their heart is very well protected and can be hard to access even to them.
  • Often have a razor-sharp mind and are very good at problem-solving.
  • Have a difficult time connecting with others in a casual, superficial way.
  • Can alternate between periods of action and reflection.
  • The 8 fix helps the core 5 putting their ideas out there and assert themselves.
  • The 5 fix helps the core 8 understand the need to contemplate in order to better grasp the situation.

Some Intellectualizing C**t blog[2]

Blunt type, doubled by the 5′s somewhat impartial observational nature and the 8′s confrontational one, this 4 can come off “headstrong.” Intense combo, especially if sx is the primary instinct. May be arrogant in their convictions and unopen to suggestions, “I’ve thought about this longer than you and even if you could have a point, I still thought about it longer and I’m absolutely not going to take the opinion of someone who didn’t ruminate on it as long or longer than me! I stand my ground!” Though, they can also quite intelligent and able to lead when necessary because, while arrogant, they can sometimes come to reasonable conclusions. Somewhat dark, prone to emotional turbulence and disturbance. Rich fantasy life. Sometimes may become annoyed with how “inactive” someone seems to be in their situation while they themselves, due to 5 and 4 are quite withdrawn and ruminate rather than act to solve a problem in a hypocrisy that flies over their head, though spotting ways to solve someone else’s problems can be easy for them and they give fairly sound advice. Can be somewhat misanthropic or bitter but to them they’re being realistic, desires to be understood but withdraws from attempts to understand.


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