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459 - The Contemplative Archetype

According to Katherine Fauvre

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Karkino (Personality Cafe)[1]

4+5: The Introspective

  • Double withdrawn.
  • Paring that is the most introspective and focused on its inner life.
  • Enhances the natural wings of FOUR and FIVE.
  • This is the deep divers of their own personal abyss.
  • People with this pairing are deep thinkers and feelers.
  • Often feel like a drop in the ocean, like they could be easily swallowed by the outside world.
  • Feel tired very quickly when interacting with people, especially in new environment.
  • Genuinely feel different and separate from the crowd.
  • Generally, prefer written communication over spoken one.
  • Seek depth in everything and often cannot tolerate daily conversations because of this.
  • Often engrossed in interests far more than other pairings.
  • They have a hard time communicating their feelings if they are caught up in them.
  • Often have a capacity for forming mental maps in which they can intuitively navigate.
  • Seek beauty and authenticity in the pursuit of knowledge.
  • Often have odd or unusual interests.
  • Can be shut ins and live in their own fantasy realm.
  • Can be emotionally moved and not overtly showing it at all.
  • Often have a hidden self that very few people are aware of.
  • Want to be known for their artistic complexity and ingenuity.
  • It can take them enormous amount of time to produce something because they always prioritize quality over quantity.
  • Feelings can be a source of anxiety, but they still want to experience them.
  • Often amass vast amount of knowledge and are often wise beyond their years.
  • The 5 fix helps the core 4 seek out logical causes to their feelings of inferiority and pursue intellectual hobbies.
  • The 4 fix helps the core 5 break out of the cerebral mindset and allow intuitive and emotional depth to seep into the self.

4+9: The Receptive

  • Double withdrawn.
  • Pairing that is the most sensitive and sympathetic to suffering.
  • This is the healer, the highly sensitive person archetype.
  • Can feel a bit estranged from the group and expect others to welcome them.
  • They are often quite empathetic and can understand where people come from.
  • Often have strong healing presence as if people are drawn to them.
  • Often hide their sadness with a smile.
  • This is quite a passive combination that doesn’t feel the need to confront their problem readily in order to feel better.
  • Feel that something is missing in their life but won’t necessarily go all the way to find it.
  • Often have a nostalgic and/or romantic side.
  • Often dream about their ideal life instead of making it happen.
  • They like to escape into their feelings and thoughts for long periods of time.
  • Their behavior feels ghostly and ethereal, as if they were half-present.
  • Very sensitive but might not show it in fear of being rejected.
  • Envy is more private and quiet with this combination.
  • There is some sort of resigned attitude with this pairing.
  • Good listener but may focus too much on the sad/emotional part of the conversation.
  • May often look aloof and hesitant to engage.
  • May suffer in silence instead of looking for help or solve the problem.
  • If they aren’t careful, they can take a lot of abuse and not do anything about it.
  • Like most NINE pairings, manifest their anger in a passive-aggressive fashion, but also to themselves.
  • The 9 fix helps the core 4 smooth out their penchant for protest and ease out their harsher side.
  • The 4 fix helps the core 9 introspect more and spending more time with their emotional needs.

5+9: The Observer

  • Double withdrawn.
  • Paring that is the most introverted and removed from action.
  • This is the invisible person or the hermit archetype.
  • They are wise in a quiet way and don’t dispense their knowledge needlessly.
  • Probably one the least likely pairing to fancy a lavish lifestyle.
  • Like to take their time to understand things their own way.
  • Constantly aware of their energy levels and want to preserve their fuel.
  • Tend to be curious about a plethora of subjects but may not necessarily delve deep into all of them.
  • Their shyness can put a damper on their intelligence.
  • May run the risk of disengaging with the world as means of protecting their integrity.
  • Very passive and does not appear proactive or full of energy at first.
  • May become argumentative if they hold strong opinions but don’t push them too much if there is a possibility for conflict.
  • Want to understand concepts and information their own way.
  • Can easily disappear in social settings.
  • It’s like they are not physically present.
  • Avarice is managed through limiting their interaction with the outside world and making themselves unimportant.
  • Whenever they feel anxiety or anger, they want to retreat into their world to process the emotion.
  • Hide their discomfort and their identity to a certain extent.
  • Feels overwhelmed very easily by external stimulation and expectations.
  • It’s quite easy for them be disengaged with the present situation and be in their own world.
  • The 9 fix helps the core 5 have a broader and a non-judgmental perspective.
  • The 5 fix helps the core 9 by going deeper into their understanding of people and things, narrowing the scope.

Some Intellectualizing C**t blog[2]

Fantasy prone tritype, and while they may seem to be all off in la la land, the 5 in their tritype can jar people with surprising commentary on observations of events that people hadn’t even thought the 459 had noticed! Less confrontational or rigid than the 451 or 458, they want emotional harmony in their environment and probably won’t interrupt it, even if they really should. Good mediators due to this quality as well, they wouldn’t want to upset people. Though, they can come off a bit chameleon like in adjusting themselves to the situation through 9, the 4 will be sifting through many emotions and things to identify with. It can give this tritype an almost unreal quality, and the 4 can feel lost in the many emotional blends. However, when balanced, they can exude a very harmonic atmosphere, at ease with themselves and others and to stop the 5 will give some sense of reality in their observations and thoughts lest they get lost and buried under the mixture of 4 and 9, this tritype is very introverted and has a very soothing, calm quality to them, compassionate yet realistic in helping others. Though they seem very calm on the outside probably have a very, very active internal world and may sometimes communicate it through various abstract art forms.


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