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135 - The Technical Expert Archetype

According to Katherine Fauvre

Community descriptions

Karkino (Personality Cafe)[2]

1+5: The Rational

Double competency. Pairing that is the most focused on accuracy and scientific methods of reasoning. Most cerebral combination. Usually display tastes for intellectual pursuits and a deep hunger for knowledge. Not easily satisfied with the superficial answers; knows what and how to search for them. Usually very focused mind that can home in on what to extract from books and sources of information. Can give extremely detailed and structured information about a subject that they have studied. Probably one of the most aloof and emotionally distant pairing there is. A TWO wing or fix can help alleviate that tendency. Very curious mind. They want to know everything that something or someone has to offer. There is always an effort to be exhaustive and precise in their speech while avoiding rambling if possible. Pairing that is the most uncomfortable with superficial chat and can be awkward in social situations. It’s hard for them to let go of the formalities and be more open-minded for one. They can be stuck with their way of thinking and not welcome new situations because of this. Can be frustrated by the lack of standards and in-depth knowledge that others cannot display. Can be easily seen by others as know-it-alls, since they like to correct people on having accurate information. This pairing can suffer from mental exhaustion because of the level of accuracy and methodical search that they abide by on a daily basis. The 5 fix helps the core 1 to withhold judgment before complete exhaustivity and having a more objective outlook on a subject. The 1 fix helps the core 5 weighing which information is worthful or not and become more structured in its analysis.

3+5: The Professional

Double competency. Paring that is the most focused on appearing knowledgeable. Often want to dive deep into a few subjects and become an expert at them. Cultivate the image of a specialist, especially when social subtype. Like to have a deep grasp on one subject than dabbling in multiple ones. They often have an intellectual arrogance about what they know. Their identity can be wrapped around being knowledgeable and hide their vulnerable side behind their academic pursuits. It’s often not enough to know about a subject. They have to know it well enough for them to be held in great esteem and do something with it. May have impressive credentials or being above average compared to its peers. Productive, yet want to work at their own pace. They avoid failure by being selective of what they show to others. Very hidden personality because of the need for compartmentalization and always showing off an image of success. May risk throwing off the relational and emotional aspect of their life and become robotic in their decision process. Very cold and distant personality no matter the gut type. May appear more confident about what they know than they really are. Seek objectivity and exhaustivity as well as a way to promote themselves through information. Some people with this pairing may want to dress conservatively yet always look sharp. Often great at mastering something and doing something successful with it. The 5 fix helps the core 3 to home in on some specific subject and further understand all its parts. The 3 fix helps the core 5 to put its intellectual prowess out there and be more polished in their overall demeanor.

1+3: The Super Achiever

Double competent. Pairing that is the most focused on working hard with high standards. This is the carpenter ant, the Energizer Bunny. Push for success by implementing the rules. Often identify with their work and what they do. Often have good managerial skills and know how to organize things for them to be successful. Probably the pairing that is most susceptible to overwork and be a workaholic. They can hold in tremendous amounts of pressure and still be successful at what they do. They are very hard on their work ethics and can pressurize themselves to accomplish more. Often have a lot of pent-up anger that can erupt when people expect it the least. Can be efficient yet humble about the praise. It can be hard for this pairing to stop what they are doing and ponder why they are doing it in the first place. Can drown their insecurities and sadness through their workload. Don’t take criticism well, especially if unexpected, from underlings or from people that don’t know what they are talking about. Very sensitive to social recognition, even if not social subtype. They secretly fear being a let down to their family, friends, bosses and coworkers. May think their way of thinking is the best way at first. The 3 fix helps the core 1 to get out of their preconceived ideas and be more goal oriented. The 1 fix helps the core 3 to orient their actions through a set of standards and be less arrogant about their accomplishments.

Personality Types blog[3]


A rather ambitious, elitist and goal-oriented One, very hard-working and somewhat intellectually arrogant. They rarely show their feelings and therefore they usually seem cold and very self-assured. These Ones are generally well-read, well-mannered and quite intellectually refined: they like to impress others with their intelligence, wisdom and irreproachable work.
Usual subtypes: social, self-preserving, 1w9
Similar tritypes: 1-5-3, 3-1-5, 5-1-3
Flavours: competent, intellectual, ambitious and refine


Usually introverted and elitist, prefer the scientific approach in nearly everything they do. These Ones appear colder and very self-certain but can be rather sensitive and fearful on the inside. Are afraid of failure and not meeting the expectations of others, mainly because they think they do not have enough resources for all their projects. They are hard-working, thorough and very meticulous and their work is usually impeccable. These Ones are particularly intellectual, knowledgeable and objective.
Usual subtypes: self-preserving, social 1w9
Similar tritypes: 1-3-5, 5-1-3, 3-1-5
Flavours: cerebral, scientific, meticulous and objective


Exacting, methodical, organized and fairly self-righteous, these Fives have a compulsive need for logic and order in their environment. They are hard-working and more practical and pragmatic than other Fives, focusing on the efficiency and improvement of the systems that interest them. They also enjoy and expect receiving the deserved recognition for their efforts, considering their time and involvement very precious. This tritype is one of the most cool-headed, rigid and self-controlled.
Typical subtypes: self-preserving, social, 5w6
Similar tritypes: 5-3-1, 3-5-1, 1-5-3
Flavours: exigent, methodical, formal and efficient


One of the most cold-blooded and self-controlled of the Fives, this tritype is remarkably efficient, hard-working and competent, although a little bit anal as well. They demand recognition for their contributions and are fairly concerned with their image and intellectual value. Somewhat self-righteous and impatient with others, they are however pragmatic and tactful enough not to compromise their goals by being too inflexible. These Fives are very clever, self-confident, perfectionist, arrogant and glacial.
Yypical subtypes: social, self-preserving, 5w6
Similar tritypes: 5-1-3, 3-5-1
Flavours: cold, composed, efficient and self-important


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[3] Personality Types Blog (2009), Tritype Descriptions: One and Five

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