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137 - The System Builder Archetype

According to Katherine Fauvre

Community descriptions

Karkino (Personality Cafe)[1]

1+3: The Super Achiever

  • Double competent.
  • Pairing that is the most focused on working hard with high standards.
  • This is the carpenter ant, the Energizer Bunny.
  • Push for success by implementing the rules.
  • Often identify with their work and what they do.
  • Often have good managerial skills and know how to organize things for them to be successful.
  • Probably the pairing that is most susceptible to overwork and be a workaholic.
  • They can hold in tremendous amounts of pressure and still be successful at what they do.
  • They are very hard on their work ethics and can pressurize themselves to accomplish more.
  • Often have a lot of pent-up anger that can erupt when people expect it the least.
  • Can be efficient yet humble about the praise.
  • It can be hard for this pairing to stop what they are doing and ponder why they are doing it in the first place.
  • Can drown their insecurities and sadness through their workload.
  • Don’t take criticism well, especially if unexpected, from underlings or from people that don’t know what they are talking about.
  • Very sensitive to social recognition, even if not social subtype.
  • They secretly fear being a let down to their family, friends, bosses and coworkers.
  • May think their way of thinking is the best way at first.
  • The 3 fix helps the core 1 to get out of their preconceived ideas and be more goal oriented.
  • The 1 fix helps the core 3 to orient their actions through a set of standards and be less arrogant about their accomplishments.

1+7:  The Catalyst

  • Double frustration.
  • Enhances the natural line of connection to ONE and SEVEN.
  • Pairing that is the most focused on joining order and chaos together.
  • Pairing opposing two different polarities that can be difficult to sustain harmoniously.
  • People with this combination are often idealistic and want to bring structure with enjoyment.
  • May let go of the pressure of the internal critic more easily than the other ONE combinations.
  • Can look serious and enthusiastic at the same time.
  • Perfectionistic, even in their creative side.
  • May be hard to follow with their high ideals.
  • Often have an eye for detail and see the big picture at the same time.
  • Want to build something interesting in an orderly fashion.
  • Often pushes their innovative side too much and end up dissatisfied or burned out.
  • Anger is managed by letting go of the pressure through finding a new way for doing tasks.
  • Their creativity must be used purposefully, and this dichotomy can be incredibly frustrating.
  • Can’t stop thinking how they can improve their environment or finding new ways of transmitting information and achieving goals.
  • Unpredictable emotional demonstrations; mostly anger and frustration (especially if dominant sexual instinct).
  • Often have a strong connection to their intuitive function (MBTI) regardless if intuitive dominant or not.
  • The 7 fix helps the core 1 to unwind and let go of the rigid standards by thinking outside the box and focusing of the possibilities.
  • The 1 fix helps the core 7 to focus on putting their creative side under some structural guidance and filter through unnecessary chaos.

3+7: The Persuader

  • Double assertive.
  • Paring that is the most positive and optimistic.
  • This is the magician, the salesperson, the opportunist archetype.
  • Want to show a cool and unfretted attitude.
  • They know how to market themselves, even if not social subtype.
  • Need to constantly be on the move, doing or building something.
  • Their ambition is somewhat smoothed out and less openly asserted unless they have EIGHT in their tritype.
  • Know how to convince and coerce people in a charming and professional way.
  • Good at starting new trends and seeing what’s in and what’s not.
  • Can perform well in marketing, business, trade, fashion, etc.
  • Combine efficiency with entertainment: life is a game.
  • Competitiveness with an element of fun and glee.
  • Want to be seen as slick, impressive and on top of their game.
  • Solve problems efficiently with a touch of originality.
  • Can display lots of effort to hide any weaknesses, signs of failure or disappointment.
  • Can cheat, lie, manipulate under a pleasant disguise to get what they want.
  • They are characterized by their opportunistic views.
  • May come off too strongly in their happy-go-lucky stance and appear fake to some people.
  • There is a natural entertainer quality to this pairing. May make great show hosts or speakers in general.
  • The 7 fix helps the core 3 to lighten up and see all the possible outcome to meet their goals.
  • The 3 fix helps the core 7 to stay focused on their goals, be anchored to reality and to concretize their needs.

Personality Types blog[2]


A more socially-adaptable, goal-oriented and competitive One, that usually has many friends and connections. Usually extroverted, assertive people, they make natural leaders although they can be a little too narcissistic and self-important. They’re good motivators and can come up with visionary ideas which they have the required determination and self-discipline to put in practice. They normally have a handy social network and can be quite entertaining and charismatic when needed.
Usual subtypes: social, 1w2, 1w9
Similar tritypes: 3-1-7, 1-7-3
Flavours: assertive, ambitious, attractive and ingenious


These Ones are quite charming and socially adept. They are more flexible and open-minded and seek having a good time and knowing the right people. They are more selfish and less rule-bound: they have a tendency to only consider the rules that suit their goals and interests. This tritype can become a bit boastful and arrogant at times. They like having a larger group of friends that cherish them and follow their ideals.
Typical subtypes: social, 1w2
Similar tritypes: 1-3-7, 3-1-7
Flavours: sociable, resourceful, engaging and self-confident


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[2] Personality Types Blog (2009), Tritype Descriptions: Type One

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