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136 - The Taskmaster Archetype

According to Katherine Fauvre

Community descriptions

Karkino (Personality Cafe)[1]

1+3: The Super Achiever

Double competent. Pairing that is the most focused on working hard with high standards. This is the carpenter ant, the Energizer Bunny. Push for success by implementing the rules. Often identify with their work and what they do. Often have good managerial skills and know how to organize things for them to be successful. Probably the pairing that is most susceptible to overwork and be a workaholic. They can hold in tremendous amounts of pressure and still be successful at what they do. They are very hard on their work ethics and can pressurize themselves to accomplish more. Often have a lot of pent-up anger that can erupt when people expect it the least. Can be efficient yet humble about the praise. It can be hard for this pairing to stop what they are doing and ponder why they are doing it in the first place. Can drown their insecurities and sadness through their workload. Don’t take criticism well, especially if unexpected, from underlings or from people that don’t know what they are talking about. Very sensitive to social recognition, even if not social subtype. They secretly fear being a let down to their family, friends, bosses and coworkers. May think their way of thinking is the best way at first. The 3 fix helps the core 1 to get out of their preconceived ideas and be more goal oriented. The 1 fix helps the core 3 to orient their actions through a set of standards and be less arrogant about their accomplishments.

1+6: The Guardian

Double compliant. Pairing that is the most focused on fulfilling its duties, being responsible. This is the turtle in the rabbit race or the ant in the Ant and the Grasshopper. Most structured-oriented of all pairings. Want to plan ahead and a give little space to surprise. Trust is not only a concept, but a vital line of conduct. May be a bit intolerant of innovative and counterculture ideas. Usually not a very creative combination (unless with FOUR fix and SEVEN wing). Want a secure and trustworthy environment to implement rules and regulations. Can take up a leadership position and still be sensitive to the underdog. May risk being too rigid and intolerant of new ways of doing things. Can be overly procedural and cautious in its approach to daily tasks. This SIX can oscillate between periods of phobic and counterphobic phases. Feel obligated to work and do what’s needed to maintain order in their lives. Too much pressure can make them irritable and exhausted, so they need to learn to take some time off to relax. Don’t understand people who don’t follow the rules and may even have disdain for them. Work hard to gain acceptance and recognition from the authority (most apparent with 136, least with 146). Laziness and indolence are seen as unacceptable. If people need help then they should at least work for it. The 6 fix helps the core 1 to be less formal and make alliances with people so they can share their views and discuss what’s important to them. The 1 fix helps the core 6 to anchor their doubts and fear onto an ideal and feel compelled to orient its life according to its precepts.

3+6: The Team Player

Double attachment. Paring that is the most hardworking and cooperating. Enhances the natural line of connection to THREE and SIX. Think of any sport team and how each player needs to be aware of their role and be successful for the group. Want to be praised for their efforts and are extremely good at fitting in the mold in any organization. Want to maintain a competent yet cooperative reputation among their peers. Can be doubtful of the authority yet still want to be praised by it. They are found on top the hierarchy unless they lead with EIGHT or ONE. Make great managers, rule-implementers, etc. They want to know the rules so they can implement them to the best of their capacity. Anxious if the authority questions their value or their work. Like to show their loyalty and love through concrete actions. May want to act for the greater good of a community of a group, especially if social subtype. Become very anxious when they are singled-out or lose their jobs, career, etc. since they put so much emphasis on their providing role. Failure to meet requirement can be extremely disruptive psychologically (as an employee, parent, husband, wife, etc.) Can become competitive in order to please the thing that gives them security (bosses, parents, partners, etc.) Can adapt their speech and mannerism in order to conform better to their surroundings. May question authority behind its back but support and perform in front of them. The 6 fix helps the core 3 to pay attention to their environment, who and what can give them success through security. The 3 fix helps the core 6 to be confident in their ability to perform and execute tasks to gain trust and security


Personality Types blog[2]


This One is usually very hard-working and well-organized. Dutiful and diligent, they also keep an eye on their own interests and like to receive prizes and praise and boost their reputation among their peers. They prefer a leading role and can be excellent managers and leaders: they can get things done as they’re efficient, more pragmatic and also more cautious and calculated. They can sometimes suffer from a bit of paranoia, and worry about their status, finances or health.
usual subtypes: social, 1w9
similar tritypes: 3-1-6, 1-6-3
flavours: hard-working, pragmatic, efficient and cautious


Conscientious, responsible, cautious and efficient, these Ones are very practical and productive. They’re down-to-earth, realistic and typically good managers of people and resources. They’re also quite good at predicting and avoiding possible pit-falls and are talented trouble-shooters: they’re preventive and like to play it safe. Want their hard-work and thoroughness praised and (financially) rewarded, and sometimes they might act arrogantly and engage in self-praising when they feel unappreciated.
usual subtypes: social, self-preserving, 1w2
similar tritypes: 1-3-6, 6-1-3
flavours: efficient, practical, cautious and hard-working


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[2] Personality Types Blog (2009), Tritype Descriptions: Type One


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