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Claudio Naranjo's types

Vanity | Sloth

  • E3 is the most other-directed type, while E9 is the most tradition-directed.[1] 
  • E3 is energetic and direct, E9 is relaxed (physically and/or psychologically).[1]
  • Sx3 adapts to the image of being attractive and gentle for society, Sx9 tends to just merge with someone.[2]
  • Sx3 is critical and demanding of both self and others to achieve an image,[3] Sx9 tolerates others[4] and is less demanding.
  • Sx3 is competitive and envious,[3] Sx9 is more disinterested.
  • E3 generally is organized, Sx9 can be disorganized and Sp9 is procrastinator.[4]


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