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Sexual 7 In Detail

Gluttony in the Sexual Sphere

Gluttony when it merges with the instinct of relations gives us the SX7. This character is constantly living in the world of possibilities, and because of their instinct they tend to merge with whatever ideas, plans, or people they come into contact with. Their focus shifts towards an attempt to live in an extraordinary state of exaltation, it is an idealization filled with hope and possibility, they are suggestible in the sense of being easily swayed and impacted. They have a need for distraction, a need for a constant state of euphoria, which is why they constantly and obsessively change their plans and decisions, being impulsive with their minds, they can’t stand in the same situation for long. They express Gluttony through a need to imagine something better than ordinary reality.

Ichazo called the SX7 "Suggestibility", someone who lives in a world of possibilities and can be manipulated by a smart partner[1], someone with a "dreamy" tendency to repress the perception of pain by beautifying things through idealization.[2] Naranjo said these people have a impatient intensity, dreaming of what they want and pursing those things avidly, but in their hearts there is a lack of peace, trust and surrender to life, which in turn enhances their impatient pursuit.[2]

The following Trait Structure are a summarized description of the original descriptions taken from the Enneagram 7 book/ Golosos, tramposos, soñadores y charlatanes. The Book was written by devoted followers and students of Claudio Naranjo but published under his name and supervised by him.

Trait Structure[3]


The sexual E7 is a particular form of quackery. He tends to talk a lot, even more than the other subtypes of the E7. He is a loquacious and talkative character, who does not stop occupying the space with the word. It really does have a lot of struggles, you could almost say an inability to be quiet, in a chatter that is defined by its superficiality, thematic dispersal, and inability to go deeper.

Verbal incontinence, together with the speed and mental effervescence that it possesses, turn the talk of a sexual E7 into a bombardment of words that ends up devastating in an almost hypnotic chain of light ideas that, one after another, end up being heavy.

The underlying motivation is to release anxiety, and fill the inner void and the interpersonal space with words. It is also a way to control one's own and others' emotions. What is important is not so much what is said but the expression itself (language in phatic function). It's pure oral incontinence. If a sexual E7 is asked about what he just said, he may have a hard time repeating it, because he doesn't even listen to himself.

Grandiose and Exaggerated

He is a character with delusions of grandeur, who looks at life in a big way, who makes excessive plans that he later cannot achieve... But that grandiloquence and exaggeration hides the need for a look that will rescue him from his low self-esteem. He confuses being admired with cultivating his self-love; hence, he measures his personal worth based on how dazzled others are.

His narcissistic self-inflation attempts to compensate for his schizoid inner emptiness and less admissible feelings of unworthiness, insecurity, and guilt, of which he is often unaware. Deep down, he reassures himself and self-indulgences so much, through the recognition of others, that it is not surprising that he is defined as an “enchanted charmer.”


By exhibitionism we understand here that particular way of constantly attracting attention practiced by the sexual E7. Both his attire (garishly colored, sometimes with feathers or exotic accessories and, in general, not very discreet) as well as his way of moving and speaking denote an intense activity aimed at becoming the center of attention. It is like a peacock, only with a peculiar way of understanding elegance, which is not exactly what the canons command, but rather that of a mountebank or a buffoon.


His verbal incontinence and his exhibitionism make the E7 sexually invasive. With words and gestures, he occupies the mental and even physical space of the other. Is capable of diverting attention or the focus of the conversation by making parallel comments, introducing new distracting incepts, with jokes that change the mood or simply blurting out some superficiality out of context. Interrupts conversations, either directly or with encouragement sideways as a whisper. He is an expert destabilizer of meetings or conversations that do not interest him or in which he is not the center of attention.

He sneaks into parties where he hasn't been invited, shows up unannounced, takes places or privileges he hasn't earned... Of course, once he manages to be attended to, he doesn't easily let go of the place of centrality, food of his narcissism.

Impertinent and Cheekiness

It combines freshness with a shamelessness that reaches rudeness. He is capable of approaching and confronting the source of power so equally, with such daring, that it borders on irreverence. In his approaches, he is usually very direct and self-assured, even limiting the unpleasant effects of his impudence with jokes and various complications, putting vaseline on at every step.

However, under his apparent friendliness and sense of humor, he has scathing and corrosive words. In the irony he hides his competitiveness and even contempt and, aggressively, he exhibits his dialectical skills to ridicule his opponents with devastating weapons. His impudence comes from the incontinence of his desires, which they do impulsively, straight to what they want immediately. It is a staging of their rebellion and indiscipline. Either by A or by B, the focus is directed both at destabilizing the other and at attracting attention. Depending on the fear that he has of the situation, and depending on the strength that he grants to the other, he will use the style of covert rebellion, guerrilla warfare type, or the most open and daring, sniper type. It is common that, in a conference or meeting, he interrupts the speaker, asking some incisive and far-fetched question that nobody understands. It is possible that the subject does not interest him too much, but he will abuse the word as a way to show off to the group.

The impudence of the sexual E7 can be such that he dares to preach what he lacks so much, that is, being ethical and honest. It is not uncommon to hear him giving advice or moralizing, from idealization, about what is correct. To remember here that the E7 suffers a direct influence of the moralism, rigidity, and perfection of the E1. As the preacher Groucho Marx teaches: “The secret of life is honesty and fair play; if you can simulate that, you've done it."

An oblivious clown

He can approach social situations with ease, aided by his low sense of the ridiculous as well as the courage to use himself as a caricature. He is especially witty at making fun of himself. He has little shame and makes fun of his own faults or defects as a way of taking iron from them. He is adept at parodying his own life.

It would seem that the sexual E7 does not know how to be anywhere other than the joke. Always sharpening everything, the sweetener, useful in so many moments, ends up cloying. The abuse of humor makes him invasive, impertinent, and inadequate in many moments in which that attitude does not apply.


He is admiring himself through the fascination he provokes in others as a springboard to feel above others, with aggressive and haughty attitudes. The more admiration you receive, the more you come down and feed the belief that you are “special,” unique, and superior.

Such is the degree of self-referentiality that is the center of attention, and denies the value of others, reduced to mere providers of admiration, a silent public that gives him the egoic pleasure of capturing your interest.

Dreamer with magic thinking

It is usual for him to practice various esotericisms, parapsychology, or exotic religions, and to surround himself with an aura of accentuated new age spirituality or practice healthy lifestyles, or anything else designed to attract attention while giving himself airs of transcendental maturity.

Ultimately, he does not stop being a dreamer. Someone who needs to spend a good part of his time in the fantasy worlds he cultivates, disconnected from reality, is oblivious to problems.


Although he does not lack empathy to identify with others, and tends to be kind, humane, and even emotional, his difficulty in connecting with a genuine interest in others is enormous. The sexual E7 is a person with great affective disconnection towards those who return to him, an aspect that, although he is not very aware of it, is one of the most painful for him. In the long run, he feels alone and isolated, since he does not establish real contact but through his self-image. And although he is inflamed by his abilities and triumphs, deep down he himself is aware that he has no real achievements and feels internally fraudulent, quite insecure, and fragile.


Like all E7, the sexual subtype can also be defined as selfish. The priority is the satisfaction of one's desires, everything else is left behind in the order of priorities. He does not see the other; only his own navel. And, of course, he believes that he doesn't need anyone to be well, that he can only handle the vicissitudes of life... Without being the most tricky of the sweet tooth (title held by the conservation E7), he is also a slave to his own desire and shows no scruples when it comes to going for what he wants. Once he succeeds, there is also no remorse for the forms employed, like the child who, unable to contain his frustration, went for the candy at all costs.


Self-indulgence serves as a justification for fraud. The sexual E7 can tell himself and others any kind of story, with the most unlikely alibis to justify his dubious behaviors. He lives in a kind of chronic fiction, entertainment, and permanent comedy that ultimately allows him to do what you want and when you want. And, unlike the conservation E7, he tends to believe his own lies, self-suggesting them.

Explosive and Hypersensitive

A mental character but with an emotional tendency denied in the background. In his day to day, hysterical tantrums are not uncommon, moments in which his understanding is clouded, and he behaves like a small child who, not being attended to, explodes.

This feature also has to do with the general susceptibility of the E7. These are people with such a high sense of their personal importance that anything offends them, and in the case of sexuality, this jeopardy reaches the point of hypersensitivity.

Anti-hierarchical escapist

They tend to establish non-hierarchical, horizontal relationships, either with the subordinate or with the boss. It establishes a colleague, a closeness, a complicity that, apparently, facilitates camaraderie and trust. Their managerial style is condescending, giving permission for everyone to say and do what they want, but delegating much of the responsibility for tasks to the subordinate. Ultimately, he tends to hang himself, both procrastinating on his tasks and abusively relying on his co-workers. Something similar usually happens in their personal relationships.

Head in the clouds

In addition to escaping from his responsibilities, he is absent-minded, a “freak” who usually lacks grounding and the ability to get organized in the practical things of life. It is not very well known where his head is or his existential priorities; what is clear is that his thoughts are not of this world.

Childish optimism

He is an optimistic, lively, fun person... at least on the surface. He has already been designated “the clown of the enneagram” for his immense ability to laugh and make a joke out of any situation. In fact, most of the great comedians are sexual E7s.

Optimism and humor are not only at the service of highlighting the humorous side of situations, but also affect the cheerful spirit of the sexual E7, in its liveliness and joy. Optimistic ingenuity is the lubricant that allows the sexual E7 to glide through existence without the friction of living.

The sexual E7 has remained in that early stage in which the child laughs at anything. There is still no broader understanding that anticipates the sufferings of life and, in the face of any face or stimulus from the environment, the child returns a smile. The hope and joy of living is such that it is only possible to smile with dedication and enthusiasm.

Impatient, Impulsive, and Intolerant of frustration

Although he anticipates a lot and acts from the mind, he is often carried away by his impulses. The sexual E7 has a low tolerance for frustration and wants to be one step ahead of reality itself, like a capricious child who, when he wants something, wants it now.

In permanent movement, jumping from one space to another both physically and mentally, he is usually nervous and quiet, with a lot of physical agitation and difficulty staying in one place for a long time. Internally it is also changeable and variable, easily alternating ideas and arguments. Corporally, they are jumpy people, with zigzag, sharp, run over movements. They find it difficult to sit or stay in the same position for a long time, they have difficulty stopping, being at rest. This constant mobility even makes him frequently change his profession, address, partner... Restless agitation is a mechanism to avoid contact with the inner world, where he could connect with discomfort. It's like surfing the waves of life's discomfort, tiptoeing through situations.

Behind the impatience and speed is not wanting to get lost or give up anything. The sexual E7 believes that if it stays in one place (external or internal), or simply slows down, it will have to give up fantastic possibilities in the world's great market. Stopping would also imply attenuating the initial excitement that the new arouses and sustaining the boredom that the stability of the known entails.


Avoiding suffering and repressing pain leads to hypersensitivity to any sign of physical discomfort, which soon turns into constant worry. The sexual E7 has not received attentive and adequate care, and has not found an attentive listening on the part of the adults who had to protect him. Let's say that, also in this sense, he has experienced abandonment.

Furthermore, by taking on a minstrel role to alleviate his mother's sorrows, he had to hide his own. This lack of care and the fear of death itself cause, in the event of any physical symptom, to enter a state of diffuse anxiety that can turn into hypochondria. This indeterminate form of care on one hand reveals his deep fear and on the other, an attempt to take care of himself.

Hypochondriasis increases at the moment when, not having the ability to work through their anxiety, it produces psychosomatic symptoms and a vicious circle is entered.

Claudio Naranjo's Sexual 7 Description[4]

E7 Sexual – Suggestibility

The sexual seven is not earthly, but heavenly. He is not interested in the things of this world. It is the gluttony of the things of a higher and more advanced world. The sexual E7 is what we could call a dreamer. To define it, Ichazo used the word suggestibility, which I understand as the passion to imagine something better than the desolate reality. It is the passion to enthrall reality, to fantasize, to paint things pink. In other words, it is a form of idealization. If the word for the social E5 is totem — totemize is a type of super-idealization — here it is rather an idealization of the common: the sexual seven looks at things with the optimism of those who are in love. They say that love is blind. It could be that the sexual seven is blind in the same sense. He is too enthusiastic.

His passion is to dream, to go towards the sweetness of the imagined instead of contacting the ordinary and not so interesting reality. Carl Abraham, a collaborator of Freud who had a better eye than Freud for character description, spoke of a completely optimistic character in every way: “I’m fine, you're fine, everything is fine.” And of course this can be very therapeutic... for anyone who isn't a seven. Or, put another way: the virtuous life is good for anyone who is not a nun.

Sandra Maitri's Sexual 7 Description[5]

7+Sexual – Suggestibility

Sexual Sevens tend to merge with whatever ideas, plans, or people they come into contact with. So they are easily influenced, especially by their partner or someone they are attracted to. The prospect of a relationship with someone sets off their mapping and planning, and the relationship gets projected well into the future, with infinite possibilities appearing just over the horizon. So they are suggestible in the sense of being easily swayed and impacted, as well as in the sense of being easily propelled into myriad fantasies by or about a relationship. The passion of gluttony appears here in the many attractions that Sexual Sevens tend to have and in their difficulty in forming deep, long-term contact with one person.

Beatrice Chestnut's Sexual 7 Description

Sexual (One-to-One) 7 Subtype description (2021)[6]

This subtype is idealistic and dreams of a better world. They may have trouble being in touch with ordinary reality as they live more from their imagination of how they would like things to be. They tend to be very happy and excessively enthusiastic—they see the world as better than it actually is. They have a tendency to fantasize and be somewhat naive, perceiving the world through “rose-colored glasses.” They have a tendency to be fascinated with ideas and people. They may seem gullible and susceptible to other people’s opinions, interests, and energy.

If this is your subtype, your idealism, enthusiasm, and optimism may lead you to disconnect from reality in ways you don’t see. You may be blind to things you do that don’t serve you (or others). Your creativity may come with a tendency to fantasize, which can lead to being excessively positive. You tend to display the most intolerance for dealing with pain and negative data. Your gluttony for seeing the positive in everything may mean that other people easily influence you. You may tend to avoid dealing with reality in ways that cause real harm.

Sexual 7 Subtype summary (2021)[10]

Sexual Seven: “Suggestibility” Sexual Sevens express gluttony through a need to imagine something better than ordinary reality. Gluttons for things of a higher world, they are idealistic dreamers with a passion for living in their imaginations. Sexual Sevens look at things with the optimism of someone who is in love; they see the world through rose-colored glasses. “Suggestibility” refers to being somewhat naive and easy to hypnotize. Light-hearted and enthusiastic, they focus on exciting possibilities and pleasurable fantasies, and they believe they can do everything.

Sexual 7 Subtype Description (2021)[10]

The Sexual Seven: “Suggestibility” 


Individuals with the Sexual Seven subtype are gluttons for things of the higher world—for optimistically seeing things as they could be in the ideal world of their imaginations.Sexual Sevens are dreamers with a need to imagine something better than stark, ordinary reality. These Sevens have a passion for embellishing everyday reality, for being too enthusiastic, and for idealizing things and seeing the world as better than it actually is.Their gluttony gets expressed as a need for idealization.

Sexual Sevens are not as interested in the things of this world as they are in the things of a more highly advanced dimension. They look at the sky as an escape from the earth;they are more “heavenly” than “earthy.” People with this subtype are light-hearted enjoyers with a need to dream and to idealize and embellish the ordinary. In line with this tendency, they can be very idealistic and somewhat naive.

These Sevens tend to look at things with the optimism of somebody who is in love.Everything looks better when you are in love, and the Sexual Seven takes refuge in this kind of ideal, positive experience as a way of unconsciously avoiding what might be unpleasant in life. They focus on a highly positive view of life to distract themselves from the uncomfortable or scary emotions they would rather remain unaware of.

It is said that “love is blind.” Naranjo contends that Sexual Sevens may be said to be blind in this same sense: they display a bit too much enthusiasm and optimism and pay disproportionate attention to the positive data in a situation. These Sevens can fall in love very intensely, and they relate to their world through dreaming and imagination. They imagine what the world could be, and they can believe that this optimistic view is real.

In this way, Sexual Sevens express a need to fantasize, a need to dream, or a need for rose-colored glasses. These Sevens have a tendency to be too happy. They display a need to live in a charmed reality, to fantasize—to live in a world they create in their minds rather than the actual external world. This can be seen as an overcompensation that reflects an unconscious desire to deny or avoid the painful or boring or frightening parts of life. Sexual Sevens tend to experience an underlying fear of getting stuck in these kinds of feelings and so take refuge in optimism.

This Seven’s need to dream is a form of idealization—a passion for viewing life as it could be or as they imagine it to be; a tendency to live for the sweetness in a dreamed-of or imagined world rather than for the ordinary and not-so-interesting reality. They don’t want to pay attention to anything bad or difficult that might be happening.

Sexual Sevens think, “I’m okay, everything’s okay.” Naranjo points out that this way of thinking is very therapeutic for everyone who is not a Seven. Sexual Sevens often had some sort of painful experience growing up and they’ve adopted a sense of lightness as a defense against feeling their pain. They defensively take refuge in a happy, or excessively happy, and expansive mood that operates as a way of unconsciously diverting themselves from recognizing and feeling a deeper pain. It’s like walking lightly above things or hovering at an elevated level as a means of escaping the uncomfortable emotions.

The name given to this type is “Suggestibility,” which implies a readiness to be mentally flexible and imaginative—but it also has to do with being gullible, easy to hypnotize, and susceptible to the infection of enthusiasm. Naranjo points out that Sexual Sevens’ cognitive defenses are shaped as suggestion, fantasy, and illusion. They can naively believe that people are what they say they are, and they can be very trusting, seeing the world and people in beautiful, perhaps overly positive, terms. They run to an idyllic future and away from a potentially uncomfortable or painful present. They display a prevalence of thought and imagination over feeling and instinct.

In terms of personal style, Sexual Sevens are people who like to talk a lot. They are verbose and excited by their own discourse, and their speech is characterized by a flow of “wonderful ideas and possibilities.” They can also play the role of the carefree clown whom nothing seems to affect. People with this subtype tend to use ironic humor, which can be escapist, and they test limits through seduction and humor. They seek acceptance,appreciation, and recognition, and they manipulate through seduction.

Sexual Sevens plan and improvise a lot. They believe that they can do everything, and they feel a need to plan or mount successful strategies that will ensure their pleasure.They may experience anxiety, however, about the difficulty of engaging in many scenarios at once and having to give something up. They can have a restless and anxious energy, which can take the outer form of doing things on many fronts and engaging in many activities at the same time. Their excitement and anxiety can cloud their perception of reality. At times they may rebel through passive-aggression, which they tend to do by living in their imagination—relating to situations as they would like them to be and not taking action in the real world.

Sexual Sevens see the world as a marketplace of outstanding opportunities: the more you take, the more you can enjoy. These Sevens express excitement about the possibility of consuming many experiences—everything is exciting and spectacular—like someone who goes to a bakery and wants to try a bit of everything. They find a sense of satisfaction in being able to have it all, in not missing or losing out on anything.

Contrary to what we might expect from this “Sexual” Seven subtype, this Seven is not so much focused on sex as they are on the essence of love. Sexual Sevens fall in love very easily, but they’re not as interested in having sex with someone as they are in attaining a kind of idealized ultimate connection. Sexuality itself stays primarily in the head for these characters. It’s a normal sexuality on one hand, but it’s a promise for a bigger opening to a mystical union on the other.

Sexual Sevens are gluttons for things of the higher world, and this makes them dreamers. They often feel an attraction to spiritual or metaphysical experience, as well as to extraordinary or esoteric things. Earthly, mundane things can be very hard to bear for a person who lives in a more idealized mental reality, and so this individual can have an intense dislike for activities they find routine, tedious, or boring.

For the Sexual Seven, earthly things take effort, and can therefore feel boring or tedious, whereas the mind works so easily and without friction. It’s so much easier to imagine doing something than to actually do it. So, this Seven finds comfort—indulging a kind of worldly laziness—in imagining instead of doing.


Adam, a Sexual Seven, speaks:

I deeply resonate with the description of the Sexual Seven. While I have never been a glutton for things or substances, I have been a glutton for idealization, learning, and good energy. In order to feel okay, I have generally needed to feel positively “stoked.” In fact, my nickname in high school was “EnthusiAdam.” I was very excited about most facets of my life,and my enthusiasm was contagious. This characterization of me has remained fairly constant, although I have mellowed somewhat as I’ve aged. 

I have also thought of myself as a serious romantic, and much of my thinking is consistent with an enneatype of Four: I love deeply, I love being in love, and I have always longed for love. As such, I was very careful about who I chose as my wife. I needed to be unequivocal about this important decision— and, thankfully, I chose well. I have been madly in love with her for the now more-than-eleven years we’ve been together. What is now a reality was previously a dream that I spent much time visualizing and fantasizing about, and I’m now aware that these activities are consistent with this subtype.

I have a strong dislike for the mundane. I find mindless chatter difficult to bear, and I really, really can’t stand housework. The only way I can do housework is by distracting myself with an MP3 of a stimulating lecture and being left alone while I do my chores. Then, at least, I’m learning—the time is not a total waste and my gluttony for learning is satisfied.

Lastly, I have spent a great deal of time fantasizing about my ideal retirement. For me, that retirement would involve traveling with my beloved wife, plenty of intellectual stimulation, endless fun, and tons of time for deep connection with her.

Specific Work For The Sexual Seven on the Path from Vice to Virtue[10]

Sexual Sevens can travel the path from gluttony to sobriety by noticing when they are living in their imagination rather than in reality and allowing themselves to explore why they’re doing so and what’s happening inside them when they allow this. If you are this Seven, learn to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Work on understanding your need to embellish reality and idealize people and things, and explore the motives and feelings behind those tendencies. Be alert to identifying “logical arguments” and rationalizations that support fantasies that prevent you from growing and moving forward. Recognize when a rose-colored view of something is masking a deeper frustration or fear, and work to unearth those deeper feelings. Work on learning how to tolerate frustration so you can get more of what you want and need in the real world and don’t have to subsist on fantasy. Notice if you are engaging in passive-aggressive rebellion of any kind, and investigate what might be motivating it. Work to get in touch with your deeper feelings, including fear, sadness, or anger. Be honest with yourself when you think you are working on a relationship but you are actually just “working on it” in your imagination. Be open to recognizing when you get disappointed in the reality of something; when it doesn’t’ measure up to your idealization of it; and when anxiety may be clouding your vision of what’s happening. Support yourself in getting in touch with any anxiety you might be feeling instead of acting it out through enthusiasm and a drive for pleasure.

Haiki Sexual 7 Description[7]

Sexual Seven: Suggestibility

These are the Sevens who have various forms of expressing gluttony, although still not as many or as intensely as Self-Preservation Sevens. These are the most “airy” of the three Sevens, and interestingly, they end up being not very sexual. They are dreamers with a tendency toward Enchantment. They do not have the hardness of the Self-Preservation Seven. They get along well through enthusiasm and creativity, avoiding the bad parts of reality. In any way they can, do whatever they can to remain a big child forever who gets out alright. At first glance, it seems that they do not like the concept of commitment. The figure of Peter Pan syndrome matches this subtype like a ring to the finger.

Also, they rarely fall into excess, being a subtype who gets along well in the world of fantasy and ideas. They are idealists, and their passion, in addition to gluttony itself, is suggestibility.

With this subtype’s desire to always be a child (like the Self-Preservation Two), they function out of suggestibility and suggesting things to themselves. They are like snake charmers who make the world fall to their feet and get what they want in that way. At the same time, they convince themselves that if anything has gone wrong, it was for the best. Whatever problem they face, they will reframe as an opportunity. But, as with everything in life, if you are too carried away by anything, even with optimism, a slap in the face from reality is certain.

Carmen Durán and Antonio Catalán's Sexual 7 Description[8]

SX7: Suggestibility -> Enchantment

The enthusiasm for possibilities turns this type manipulative and gullible. They are so capable of suggesting and installing enthusiasm in others, only to let themselves be dazzled and manipulated by another person, project, or idea. They are searching for someone who will let them live in a continuous ecstasy that confirms to them that the world is an adequate place to be happy. The basis of this suggestion is a type of falling in love with life, where only the good things are seen. They are great enthusiasts that go off-track and take one thing to another, they do not have an energy that leads to dutiful work, but rather to dreams that are lived more intensely than their reality, that substitute reality to an extent. Because of this chased desire, we call them “Enchantment,” in the sense that it is a conquest to show themselves as charming, able to satisfy every need to please the other person, and at the same time charmed by their own enchantment and the enthusiasm another provides for them.

La Mirada Libre's Sexual 7 Description[9]

E7 Sexual: Suggestibility

Here we enter into the world of fantasy. Gluttony becomes a desire for more pleasure through intellectual seduction, this aimed at satisfying idealizations and dreams rather than concrete instinctual needs. The sexual 7 wants to remain in a state of chronic infatuation with life experiences, people, and things. In short, they do not want to grow. Welcome, Peter Pan!

He is called "suggestibility" because of his neurotic impulse to suggest himself and others, a passion of enchantment, for getting a look that makes him feel special.

He is an expert in making joy for himself and for the other, which hides the absolute terror of contacting the emotional world and the void.

They are a harlequin that erratically moves from one place to another, capturing the attention of those within it and preventing them from thinking too “boringly”. (I've been in meetings for hours with a sexual boss who hadn’t stopped interrupting to talk and joke without anyone knowing what he was really saying or what he was getting at.)

He strategically flees from any responsibility, and although he often holds positions that require it (due to his manic tendency), he is very adept at surrounding himself with people who take care of the work and carry the responsibility in the shadows. Simply put, he leaves others with the problems, without feeling the responsibility, like a great escape magician from commitments and complications.

He is an exalted and euphoric character with manic-depressive tendencies, but what happens is that he only shows the world his manic phase, as once he touches the depressive phase he withdraws from the world as the schizoid he really is.

He loves tricks, riddles, jokes, anything shiny (firmly anchored in the childhood stage in which one laughs at everything). He lives in the world without formally complying with the rules, but in a way that is not usually noticed. He is not usually seen as a threat but as someone who pleases others. However, he is one of the most rebellious and unsubmissive characters in the entire enneagram.

In love, any limit that is imposed on him translates into lack of love. If you love him, you must let him do what he wants. His phobia of his commitment is extreme. (I have a sexual friend 7 who is not even capable of signing a telephone contract because he would feel too tied down. I think he is one of the few people I know who continues to use a mobile line by card.)

One difference between subtypes is the sexual’s ability to handle person to person relationships. And, although he may seem very empathetic, he has a large emotional disconnection with the majority of those around him, saving a select few (an aspect that is in his shadow).

Of the three subtypes, this is the most emotional, with the 7 being the emotional ones of the intellectual triad in general. The sexual 7 wants to understand life at the same time that he needs to feel it and be passionate about it.

Riso and Hudson Sexual 7 Description[11]




The Neophile. In the average range, Sexual Sevens are constantly looking for something new and beyond the ordinary;like Fours,they tend to reject the mundane. In all their activities and interactions, they want to experience the intense charge of being alive.They see life through heightened imagination,idealizing themselves,their relationships,and reality.They often have wide-ranging curiosity and interests and are fascinated by new ideas and topics they see as being on the cutting edge.Sexual Sevens are magnetize by people whom they find interesting or refreshing.When the radar of their sexual instinct locks on to such a person,they do not hesitate to approach the person with charm and genuine interest. They feel temporarily dazzled and hypnotized by the object of their curiosity and may induce similar feelings in others. Sexual Sevens Enjoy The excitement of fantasizing about future adventures and shared interests with the new person. They Love wild ideas,wit, and humor—their minds move very quickly,but this can also cause restlessness with themselves and their relationships.


Less healthy Sexual Sevens can become fickle—both with their interests and with their affections. They Fear Commitment, preferring the intense feeling of infatuation that occurs in the earliest stages of a relationship . (They Love Falling In Love.)They revel in romance and in the process of mutual discovery,but as soon as the feelings become familiar,they are ready to explore other possibilities. Similarly,restlessness causes them to lack discernment. They may get involved in faddish or sensational ideas in glitzy packaging that are little more than temporary distractions. Disappointment soon follows.


In the unhealthy range,Sexual Sevens become even more reckless in their pursuit of charged excitement. They may involve themselves in crazy schemes and unrealistic or dangerous love affairs.They Become thrill-seekers,looking for more and more extraordinary sources of entertainment while being less and less affected by any of it. They become hardened and dissipated from living on the edge,often burning out or damaging themselves in some permanent way from their excesses. Most Sevens will encounter the following issues at some point in  their lives.Noticing these patterns, "catching ourselves in the act," and simply seeing our underlying habitual response to life will do much to release us from the negative aspects of our type.


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