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Fixation: Flattery

Needs an approving audience. Many entertainers belong to this group.

Trap: Freedom

Although dependent upon others for constant approval of himself and his actions, he is fighting that dependency in order to be free from social disapproval and approval.

Holy Idea: Holy Freedom

The experience of the essence forces man from a dependence upon the approval of others, and introduces him to the freedom of living the cosmic laws.

Passion: Pride

The Ego-Flattery is dependent upon the approval and applause of others, and he works hard to get them. The constant approval and flattery of others produce Ego Pride. 

Virtue: Humility

Humility is the obvious means of overcoming pride. Basically, one can realize that he bears the same perfect essence as others; he is not unique.


The active for him is perfectionism [I], the attractive is efficiency [III]; he is overdoing himself, and the function is a burst of independence. The result is the over-independent character

Point 2 is known as “Ego-flattery”. The fixation is also known as “Over-Independent”.

Outside he is going to act independently, making his own decisions. He turns inside and finds chaos. In a rush of independence he is going to destroy his independent act. He is so preoccupied with his independence that he never has it.

This ego is derived from the Image Ego, which is a response to the Relation Instinct. The psychic poison of the Relation Instinct at the root of Ego-Flattery is Envy, an over-reliance on the connection instinct with an intense disdain directed at others.

Ego-Flattery experiences a sense of being controlled in the childhood relationship with a Father figure. Flattery is about a false praise that is not sincere with the intention of getting into the good graces of another with the intention of having others view us in a much better light. The focus of the 2nd point on the Enneagram is being loved, adored, and admired. Those within the fixation will have their ego telling them to go to great lengths to be admired and loved. The ego of flattery first arises from a childhood sense of being controlled by a parental figure and in doing so an individual learns to flatter their parents so that they will gain control through subterfuge. This sense of control is something that is transferred to other aspects of life. The energy that keeps this ego alive is pride, an inflated sense of one's own position, usually a position of superiority.

The main ego-characteristic of this fixation is Vanity. The Passion which feeds this ego is Pride. The primary defense mechanism is Denial. Worsening of this fixation can lead to the Narcissistic Personality Disorder. A secondary defense mechanism is Repression. Further worsening leads to psychosomatic illness.


Domain of Health and Security










Becoming fixated in the Domain of Health and Security, there is a swing to the dichotomies of that domain. This can manifest in a positive sense as a focus on Routine on one side, or Flexibility at the other side. It can manifest in a negative sense as Meticulousness at one extreme or Negligence at the other extreme. These dichotomies are represented by two characters: the Fussy character at one end, the Messy person at the other. Fears invade the consciousness in this domain. This is a fear of being abandoned and as such one must choose how they shall navigate that domain. Does one cling to security of safe-harbor or shall they risk their health/well being for the sake of being accepted? One must not forget that the 2nd point has abated the needs of their own in favor of pleasing the needs of those who they have fixated on. The stress of being fixated and imbalanced in this domain can lead to Psychosomatic Illness as a compensatory mechanism. The poison of this domain is Lechery.


The dichotomies of fussy and messy are just another way to say independent and dependent respectively



The Trap which simultaneously restricts but potentially liberates this ego is its focus on Freedom, how our lives are constructed and more importantly who they are constructed around. The trap is a fixation on freedom, to be freed from the confines of civilization and our internal nature of having to rely on others. The Way of self-realization of this ego is the Way of Liberty, also known as the Way of Security, a true focus on the constructions of our lives that are conducive to our well-being.

The Holy Idea which acts as a catalyst for the transformation of this ego is Holy Will, or Divine Will, one sees that our reality has a will of its own and this is not a will that can be bent to our desires, that their independent act destroys true independence and an acceptance of the will the cosmos provides real independence. This can lead to the Virtue of Humility, a release from the burdens of upholding an aggrandized self-image.

According to Ichazo, Divine Will is:

The awareness that Reality, moving with direction and according to fixed natural laws, flows with a certain force. The easiest way to deal with this force is to move with it. This is true freedom.

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