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147 - The Visionary Archetype

According to Katherine Fauvre

Community descriptions

Karkino (Personality Cafe)[1]

1+4: The Humanist

  • Double frustration.
  • Enhances the natural line of connection to ONE and FOUR.
  • Pairing that is the most focused on refining their ideals, pursuing higher standards.
  • Whatever the instinctual stacking or the head type, there is a strong push toward what is considered tasteful, decent and grotesque, vulgar.
  • Want to bring its intuition and imagination front and center but with certain standards and guidelines.
  • This is a very persnickety and particular pairing that needs to do things a certain way, even when it isn’t practical.
  • Subtle (or not so subtle) disdain for what is considered subpar, plain, normal or mediocre.
  • They are often hard to truly please and are even very critical of themselves.
  • Conflictual relationship with their emotions: refrain from feeling, then let go.
  • Wants to experience life in all its depth and glory, but the ONE fix wants to keep that within certain rules and boundaries of decency.
  • May cultivate spiritual and/or religious outlook on life.
  • Can bring out new standards of excellence, unparalleled visions of beauty.
  • Can be attached to certain aspects of art and/or culture.
  • Often quite philosophical and adamant about setting certain standards.
  • In very low levels of health may run the risk of emotional and mental exhaustion by restricting themselves from continuously harsh standards.
  • May unintendedly castrate their own emotional experience by repeated superego blockage.
  • Invertedly, may also sabotage their ability to think critically and rationally with their emotional tidal waves.
  • The 4 fix helps the core 1 to experience life through a more intuitive and spiritual way so to search for meaning.
  • The 1 fix helps the core 4 to bring structure and order in its emotional musings and bring out its internal desires to fruition.

1+7: The Catalyst

  • Double frustration.
  • Enhances the natural line of connection to ONE and SEVEN.
  • Pairing that is the most focused on joining order and chaos together.
  • Pairing opposing two different polarities that can be difficult to sustain harmoniously.
  • People with this combination are often idealistic and want to bring structure with enjoyment.
  • May let go of the pressure of the internal critic more easily than the other ONE combinations.
  • Can look serious and enthusiastic at the same time.
  • Perfectionistic, even in their creative side.
  • May be hard to follow with their high ideals.
  • Often have an eye for detail and see the big picture at the same time.
  • Want to build something interesting in an orderly fashion.
  • Often pushes their innovative side too much and end up dissatisfied or burned out.
  • Anger is managed by letting go of the pressure through finding a new way for doing tasks.
  • Their creativity must be used purposefully, and this dichotomy can be incredibly frustrating.
  • Can’t stop thinking how they can improve their environment or finding new ways of transmitting information and achieving goals.
  • Unpredictable emotional demonstrations; mostly anger and frustration (especially if dominant sexual instinct).
  • Often have a strong connection to their intuitive function (MBTI) regardless if intuitive dominant or not.
  • The 7 fix helps the core 1 to unwind and let go of the rigid standards by thinking outside the box and focusing of the possibilities.
  • The 1 fix helps the core 7 to focus on putting their creative side under some structural guidance and filter through unnecessary chaos.

4+7: The Whimsical

  • Double frustration.
  • Pairing that is the most imaginative and fantastical.
  • This is the enfant terrible with a wild imagination.
  • See imaginative ways to practical problems.
  • Very idealistic but with unstable and fickle energy.
  • Want significance and playfulness in their daily lives.
  • May prefer their inner imagination to the drearier side of life.
  • Capricious and bratty in behavior since they want things done in a fun, playful manner.
  • They often hide their sadness and disenchantment behind impish or childlike behavior.
  • Easily bored since they see always see how life could be better and more meaningful in many ways.
  • Bipolar/dysthymic mind; oscillate between sadness and joy.
  • See things that are missing in order for the situation to be magical and original.
  • They feel miserable in conventional workplace that doesn’t allow creative thinking.
  • Easily see how certain situations can be stifling and boring and try to avoid them.
  • Can be impatient with their own negative feelings and move on too quickly instead of settling down and rooting out the cause of their anxiety.
  • This paring amplifies the need to be connected to our inner child and the importance of self-nurturance.
  • Seek to validate and exteriorize their magical inner world yet often feel bummed up by realistic expectations.
  • Feel conflicted with their need for immediate mental satisfaction clashing with their need for manifesting their emotional truth.
  • The 7 fix helps the core 4 find enjoyable ways to deal with their feelings of lacking and seek out novel solutions to bring out their creative side.
  • The 4 fix helps the core 7 stop chasing down countless options and be more sensitive to the emotional quality and nuances that each of them have.

Personality Types blog[2]


Perfectionistic, whimsical and rather picky, these Ones tend to be quite expressive and passionate. They want things to be a certain way and tend to reject whatever doesn’t precisely fit their desires. However when they appreciate something (an idea, a person, an activity), this tritype can over-indulge in it in an excessive, obsessional manner. They’re not as self-disciplined as other Ones and they’re prone to giving in to their fantasies and desires more, believing they are somewhat special and deserve special treatment.
Usual subtypes: sexual, self-preserving, 1w2
Similar tritypes: 1-7-4, 4-1-7
Flavours: fastidious, expressive, impatient and original


More eccentric, versatile and unconventional. This tritype characterizes some of the more energetic and self-indulgent of Ones. They are somewhat more enthusiastic and dramatic, and have some difficulty finding and keeping a balance: they’re occasionally rather scattered. They can become obsessional and manic about certain ideas and things, while being surprisingly careless in other areas. When stressed out, they can get quite moody.
Typical subtypes: sexual, social, 1w2
Similar tritypes: 1-4-7, 7-1-4
Flavours: expressive, eccentric, energetic and selfish


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[2] Personality Types Blog (2009), Tritype Descriptions: One

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