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1 vs 8

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Claudio Naranjo's types

Anger | Lust

They are similar to the E8 in this regard, who has coarsened themselves to affect in order to freely act according to impulse. But while the E8 is a cynical and anti-intellectual character who believes in the non-existence of moral facts and rebels against societal constructs of conduct, the E1 is refined (as opposed to coarse), hyper-social, intellectual, and believes in the absolution of moral facts. The justification in E8 is through the denial of society, the justification in E1 is through the extreme adherence to society. Perhaps the most fundamental differentiation is found in the fact that the E8 is perfectly comfortable with the label of a "bad person," because they act according to selfish impulses often without regard to how they affect others, but for the E1 to be labelled as "bad" is completely unacceptable. The E1 is convinced of their own virtuousness and the pursuit of perfection is enacted as a way to gain the love and respect of other people. For the E1 to be a "good boy" in the relationship with the parents or with superiors and inferiors, they cannot be associated with any image of moral deficiency

Beatrice Chestnut
  • E1 is "over-social"; E8 is "under-social."[1]


[1] Chestnut, B. (2021). The Complete Enneagram

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