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378 - The Mover Archetype

According to Katherine Fauvre


The 378 Tritype is the ‘can do’ mover and shaker with an ability to conceive of something big, the innate vision of the 7 ability to see opportunities, and the bigger, better deals, with the task mastery and determination to execute their ideas of the 3.
The 873, is more light-hearted and visionary.
The 837 is more competitive and results-oriented.[1]

Community descriptions

Karkino (Personality Cafe)[2]

3+7: The Persuader

  • Double assertive.
  • Paring that is the most positive and optimistic.
  • This is the magician, the salesperson, the opportunist archetype.
  • Want to show a cool and unfretted attitude.
  • They know how to market themselves, even if not social subtype.
  • Need to constantly be on the move, doing or building something.
  • Their ambition is somewhat smoothed out and less openly asserted unless they have EIGHT in their tritype.
  • Know how to convince and coerce people in a charming and professional way.
  • Good at starting new trends and seeing what’s in and what’s not.
  • Can perform well in marketing, business, trade, fashion, etc.
  • Combine efficiency with entertainment: life is a game.
  • Competitiveness with an element of fun and glee.
  • Want to be seen as slick, impressive and on top of their game.
  • Solve problems efficiently with a touch of originality.
  • Can display lots of effort to hide any weaknesses, signs of failure or disappointment.
  • Can cheat, lie, manipulate under a pleasant disguise to get what they want.
  • They are characterized by their opportunistic views.
  • May come off too strongly in their happy-go-lucky stance and appear fake to some people.
  • There is a natural entertainer quality to this pairing. May make great show hosts or speakers in general.
  • The 7 fix helps the core 3 to lighten up and see all the possible outcome to meet their goals.
  • The 3 fix helps the core 7 to stay focused on their goals, be anchored to reality and to concretize their needs.

3+8: The Challenger

  • Double assertive.
  • Pairing that is the most aggressive and assertive.
  • Think of a steamroller or a tank: fearsome, bulky, resistant, yet difficult to steer and maneuver.
  • They are often rivals or opponents of some sort in fiction.
  • Can use intimidating tactics in order to win.
  • They often have a determined look on their face.
  • Very committed to their goals and don’t give up easily.
  • They are made to spar and combat in many different forms.
  • Want to give off a fierce and tough image as well as one of a winner.
  • May ridicule and/or belittle those who are more sensitive and emotionally expressive.
  • May think that they are invulnerable at times, that they can take up anything.
  • Often make themselves bigger than they actually are; it’s hard to not notice them in a crowd.
  • Action-oriented person that may skip the details to fast unless they have a FIVE fix.
  • Absolutely hate to lose; very strong egotic stance.
  • Loves a good challenge and can be brash and impetuous.
  • May not know their limits at first and be prone to accidents or burnouts.
  • Know how to make an impact and have it their way despite not always following the rules.
  • Are often disconnected to their heart and more vulnerable side.
  • Hard to deter form their goals and can be too single-minded.
  • See emotions as a burden and a sign of weakness, not realizing that it can be a powerful way of communicating inner desires and intentions.
  • The 8 fix helps the core 3 to rely less on their image and be more independent.
  • The 3 fix helps the core 8 to consider polishing their discourse before standing their ground too strongly.

7+8: The Conqueror

  • Double assertive.
  • Pairing that wants freedom and assert their will the most.
  • Enhances the natural wings of 7 and 8.
  • Has the greatest difficulty of all pairings will external or imposed limits, often circumventing or breaking them in order to get what they want.
  • Typically have a hard time to say no to their desires.
  • Life is a playground; "I take what I want".
  • A blend of hedonistic and realistic approach to life.
  • Feel the best when they get things done their way.
  • Always on the lookout to take charge in a situation and having fun while doing it.
  • Love a good challenge and usually succeed a overtaking them.
  • When they are invested into something, it’s hard for them to slow down because they love the intensity of the situation and usually find ways renew its interest.
  • It’s hard for them to look for potential pitfalls and be wary of new endeavors.
  • They want freedom to manifest what they crave out of life.
  • They might not see how important it is to cultivate their inner lives and understand why they do what they do.
  • May take for granted what others find offensive and obnoxious.
  • Good negotiator: Always find a way to win something.
  • Quick thinker and smooth talker; direct speech but in a funny, original way.
  • They need to learn to slow down and think about potential consequences.
  • Most excessive and grandiose viewpoint of all pairings.
  • Have and unmistakable big energy and dynamic presence.
  • The 8 fix helps the core 7 to anchor their attention on goals and crave things more intensely.
  • The 7 fix helps the core 8 divert their lust for power in many different viewpoints and help broaden personal scope.

Some Intellectualizing C**t blog[3]

Direct in addressing. Seems to have a “wild” side yet has careful maintenance so that it always portrays them in the best light possible. Could be seen as flighty. Blunt but positive about it. Bold. Decisive. Appears very extroverted. Playful side, but take charge as well. Not likely to ruminate on feelings, will do things in the here and now. Wants to be recognized for their spontaneous go getter ambitious side, I will achieve what I decide to. Charming in a blinding impacting way, whirlwind.


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