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146 - The Philosopher Archetype

According to Katherine Fauvre

Community descriptions

Karkino (Personality Cafe)[1]

1+4: The Humanist

  • Double frustration.
  • Enhances the natural line of connection to ONE and FOUR.
  • Pairing that is the most focused on refining their ideals, pursuing higher standards.
  • Whatever the instinctual stacking or the head type, there is a strong push toward what is considered tasteful, decent and grotesque, vulgar.
  • Want to bring its intuition and imagination front and center but with certain standards and guidelines.
  • This is a very persnickety and particular pairing that needs to do things a certain way, even when it isn’t practical.
  • Subtle (or not so subtle) disdain for what is considered subpar, plain, normal or mediocre.
  • They are often hard to truly please and are even very critical of themselves.
  • Conflictual relationship with their emotions: refrain from feeling, then let go.
  • Wants to experience life in all its depth and glory, but the ONE fix wants to keep that within certain rules and boundaries of decency.
  • May cultivate spiritual and/or religious outlook on life.
  • Can bring out new standards of excellence, unparalleled visions of beauty.
  • Can be attached to certain aspects of art and/or culture.
  • Often quite philosophical and adamant about setting certain standards.
  • In very low levels of health may run the risk of emotional and mental exhaustion by restricting themselves from continuously harsh standards.
  • May unintendedly castrate their own emotional experience by repeated superego blockage.
  • Invertedly, may also sabotage their ability to think critically and rationally with their emotional tidal waves.
  • The 4 fix helps the core 1 to experience life through a more intuitive and spiritual way so to search for meaning.
  • The 1 fix helps the core 4 to bring structure and order in its emotional musings and bring out its internal desires to fruition.

1+6: The Guardian

  • Double compliant.
  • Pairing that is the most focused on fulfilling its duties, being responsible.
  • This is the turtle in the rabbit race or the ant in the Ant and the Grasshopper.
  • Most structured-oriented of all pairings.
  • Want to plan ahead and a give little space to surprise.
  • Trust is not only a concept, but a vital line of conduct.
  • May be a bit intolerant of innovative and counterculture ideas.
  • Usually not a very creative combination (unless with FOUR fix and SEVEN wing).
  • Want a secure and trustworthy environment to implement rules and regulations.
  • Can take up a leadership position and still be sensitive to the underdog.
  • May risk being too rigid and intolerant of new ways of doing things.
  • Can be overly procedural and cautious in its approach to daily tasks.
  • This SIX can oscillate between periods of phobic and counterphobic phases.
  • Feel obligated to work and do what’s needed to maintain order in their lives.
  • Too much pressure can make them irritable and exhausted, so they need to learn to take some time off to relax.
  • Don’t understand people who don’t follow the rules and may even have disdain for them.
  • Work hard to gain acceptance and recognition from the authority (most apparent with 136, least with 146).
  • Laziness and indolence are seen as unacceptable. If people need help then they should at least work for it.
  • The 6 fix helps the core 1 to be less formal and make alliances with people so they can share their views and discuss what’s important to them.
  • The 1 fix helps the core 6 to anchor their doubts and fear onto an ideal and feel compelled to orient its life according to its precepts.

4+6: The Quester

  • Double reactive.
  • Pairing that is the most doubtful and sensitive to experiences in general.
  • Emotionally volatile but feelings run deep.
  • Take a great deal of time analyzing and sorting out their feelings and thoughts.
  • See their identity as shifting and molding itself through their experiences.
  • Doubt themselves and others a lot.
  • Conflict between external security and maintaining personal integrity.
  • Question life and the meaning behind everything to the point of being emotionally and mentally exhausted at times.
  • Emotionally volatile and verbally aggressive if threatened.
  • Always see new information in their quest to find the truth, so it’s a never-ending search.
  • Creative, but need reassurance in their abilities and support from others.
  • It’s hard for them to hide their emotional reactions to something.
  • Feel their vulnerable side and may reveal it more than other pairings.
  • Often need to vent and talk about what’s troubling them to someone they trust.
  • Often very empathetic of other’s suffering when healthy.
  • Often have a very good capacity for psychological help because of the emotional intuition of the FOUR and the generosity of the SIX.
  • Kids with this pairing often possess emotional maturity because they pause and question the situation they are in instead of simply interacting with it.
  • They have the ability of be in other people’s shoe and help them in a deep way.
  • The 6 fix helps the core 4 seek meaning outside their emotional realm and validate their findings with trustworthy sources.
  • The 4 fix helps the core 6 turn inward toward their authentic self to seek meaning without reaching external assistance.

Personality Types blog[2]


These Ones are quite imaginative, creative and a bit melancholic. They are extreme perfectionists and can easily feel discouraged and let down by the imperfect world around. They don’t easily trust others and tend to avoid society, but at the same time they crave being loved and belonging. They also have a bit of a temper so their anger can show especially when feeling misunderstood. They tend to support the underdog and they can have a passionate, belligerent streak to them.
Usual subtypes: sexual, social, 1w2
Similar tritypes: 1-6-4, 4-1-6
Flavours: imaginative, passionate, suspicious and sensitive


Very dutiful and faithful but also prone to angry reactions and, rarely, depression bouts in isolation. This is a more anxious One that finds it harder to hide his anger and his concern with the loyalty and reliability of those around. Can experience strong like/dislike feelings about people and situations and is more suspicious and prejudiced towards newcomers and different groups. They are typically traditionalists, but will at times go against tradition in a rather rebellious way, especially when insecure.
Typical subtypes: sexual, social 1w2
Similar tritypes: 6-1-4, 1-4-6
Flavours: faithful, anxious, discriminating and sometimes defiant


[1] Karkino (2019), Enneagram Pairings Revised & Expanded Edition
[2] Personality Types Blog (2009), Tritype Descriptions: One

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