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268 - The Rescuer Archetype

According to Katherine Fauvre

Community descriptions

Karkino (Personality Cafe)[1]

2+6: The Helper

  • Double compliant.
  • Pairing that is the most focused on helping others.
  • They are definitely service-oriented, and their attention is focused on others, even with dominant self-preservation instinct.
  • They want to be seen as providing for others and watchful of people’s needs.
  • Manage their insecurities by focusing their attention onto others and helping them.
  • Can be easily flustered if they don’t know how to help and be of assistance.
  • They take great pride in being important in someone’s life.
  • Often give out personalized help depending on the person and the situation.
  • Their life feel fulfilled with a service-oriented job, especially if they know they’ve made a difference.
  • Indifference and ingratitude are intolerable to them.
  • This pairing definitely fear being alone for long periods of time.
  • They usually don’t mind doing menial work as long as they are acknowledged for it.
  • Fear of being excluded, outside of the social circle, even if not dominant social instinct.
  • Anxious to be of service, may create opportunities to help.
  • May be clingy and dependent to the people they trust.
  • May be sensitive to flattery and compliments since they crave them and that they can be great indicators for who is kind and trustworthy and who’s not.
  • May turn their attention to others so much that they forget to nurture their own needs and feel drained and frustrated all the time.
  • This pairing isn’t focusing on its inner world and can be totally out of touch of what is truly important to them.
  • The 6 fix helps the core 2 to be aware of potential shifts and mishaps in their environment so to better be of service to people.
  • The 2 fix helps the core 6 to understand emotional and relational issues and how they can benefit from it.

2+8: The Protector

  • Double rejection.
  • Paring that is the most protective and manipulative.
  • Enhances the natural line of connection to TWO and EIGHT.
  • This is the mama/papa bear archetype.
  • Manage their insecurities by looking how they can shield people from being harm or misguided.
  • Help people in a forceful, direct approach.
  • Very wary of being ignored and rejected.
  • Can get easily riled up, then apology in fear of being rejected.
  • May say that they don’t need people and are independent, yet still want others to like them and be important.
  • Pride comes from taking a stand for others that can’t.
  • Very emotionally guarded since they don’t want to feel needy nor underestimated.
  • Can inadvertently control others by telling them how to act for their own good.
  • Offended and hurt if people reject their advice or help.
  • May understand better than most people how people can manipulate others for their own profit.
  • May tie their worth on how their protect, advice and prevent loved one from being taken advantage of.
  • Can become overly protective and suspicious of strangers trying to interact with people they affectionate.
  • Show they love by being upfront and honest about what they think and feel.
  • Can be forceful and threatening in the way they help.
  • The 8 fix helps the core 2 to assert their needs and be more direct about what they covet.
  • The 2 fix helps the core 8 soften their aggressive demeanor and understand the impact of interpersonal connections.

6+8 The Confronter

  • Double reactive.
  • Pairing that wants to make people state their intentions openly the most.
  • Most confrontational and argumentative pairing (most aggressive tritype is 368).
  • Are usually good readers of situations and people but can be prone to projecting their fears and coming off too strongly.
  • May see problems where they aren't, a bit paranoiac.
  • Wants to get to the bottom of sketchy businesses.
  • Very loyal and protective to those under their wings.
  • Very sensitive to power dynamics (personal and social).
  • Each tritype with this pairing want to be protective and shield others from being misled or taken advantage of.
  • Often know that they are vulnerable but almost always protect themselves from being hurt by others.
  • Often deny that they are overreacting and think that they are passionate or are trying to prove their point.
  • The SIX fix is almost always counterphobic when paired with EIGHT.
  • This pairing denies their fear and may not identify with the most of the SIX traits at first.
  • Fearsome pairing that knows how to argue and speak their minds, appearing confident.
  • Can be reactive and emotional even when the subject isn’t meant to be.
  • Can sense imminent danger and usually have quick reflexes.
  • Want to see the truth in all situations, but often end up imposing theirs (especially with 368).
  • May don’t know how to stop being in attacking mode and may make a fool of themselves.
  • The 8 fix helps the core 6 garner self-confidence and the drive to act on their suspicions and challenge what they see as unfair.
  • The 6 fix helps the core 8 to trust people and bond with like-minded folk.


[1] Karkino (2021), Enneagram Pairings Revised & Expanded Edition

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