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359 - The Thinker Archetype

According to Katherine Fauvre

Community descriptions

Karkino (Personality Cafe)[1]

3+5: The Professional

  • Double competency.
  • Paring that is the most focused on appearing knowledgeable.
  • Often want to dive deep into a few subjects and become an expert at them.
  • Cultivate the image of a specialist, especially when social subtype.
  • Like to have a deep grasp on one subject than dabbling in multiple ones.
  • They often have an intellectual arrogance about what they know.
  • Their identity can be wrapped around being knowledgeable and hide their vulnerable side behind their academic pursuits.
  • It’s often not enough to know about a subject. They have to know it well enough for them to be held in great esteem and do something with it.
  • May have impressive credentials or being above average compared to its peers.
  • Productive, yet want to work at their own pace.
  • They avoid failure by being selective of what they show to others.
  • Very hidden personality because of the need for compartmentalization and always showing off an image of success.
  • May risk throwing off the relational and emotional aspect of their life and become robotic in their decision process.
  • Very cold and distant personality no matter the gut type.
  • May appear more confident about what they know than they really are.
  • Seek objectivity and exhaustivity as well as a way to promote themselves through information.
  • Some people with this pairing may want to dress conservatively yet always look sharp.
  • Often great at mastering something and doing something successful with it.
  • The 5 fix helps the core 3 to home in on some specific subject and further understand all its parts.
  • The 3 fix helps the core 5 to put its intellectual prowess out there and be more polished in their overall demeanor.

3+9: The Stabilizer

  • Double attachment.
  • Pairing that hides behind an inoffensive and likeable veneer the most.
  • Enhances the natural line of connection to THREE and NINE.
  • Probably the least likely of all pairings to display strong emotions or go toward extremes.
  • Consequently, there is rarely something offensive, dramatic or controversial about them, at least on surface level.
  • There is a natural mask of pleasantness when those two enneatypes come together.
  • Hide their more edgy side with a likeable but somewhat plain exterior.
  • Can be a surprisingly tough nut to crack in private, even when they lead with the sexual instinct.
  • Stick to the role that is assigned to them.
  • Very consistent behavior, especially in public.
  • Even when they lead with SIX or is a feeling type in the MBTI, there is a moderation in their emotional display and they won’t focus too much on amplifying them, especially negative ones.
  • Want to be seen as reliable and successful without too much arrogance.
  • Can pride themselves in being tolerant, uncomplicated and agreeable.
  • Very adaptable and accommodating.
  • Can agree with people on surface but privately disagree.
  • Masters of lazy but efficient work practices, aka working smarter.
  • Are efficient but don’t usually push themselves further than what’s expected of them.
  • Hide their stubbornness by only adapting in surface and doing superficial changes.
  • Unemotional and dry personality for the most part.
  • The 9 fix helps the core 3 mellow their ambitious nature and go more with the flow.
  • The 3 fix helps the core 9 be more assertive, dynamic and goal oriented.

5+9: The Observer

  • Double withdrawn.
  • Paring that is the most introverted and removed from action.
  • This is the invisible person or the hermit archetype.
  • They are wise in a quiet way and don’t dispense their knowledge needlessly.
  • Probably one the least likely pairing to fancy a lavish lifestyle.
  • Like to take their time to understand things their own way.
  • Constantly aware of their energy levels and want to preserve their fuel.
  • Tend to be curious about a plethora of subjects but may not necessarily delve deep into all of them.
  • Their shyness can put a damper on their intelligence.
  • May run the risk of disengaging with the world as means of protecting their integrity.
  • Very passive and does not appear proactive or full of energy at first.
  • May become argumentative if they hold strong opinions but don’t push them too much if there is a possibility for conflict.
  • Want to understand concepts and information their own way.
  • Can easily disappear in social settings.
  • It’s like they are not physically present.
  • Avarice is managed through limiting their interaction with the outside world and making themselves unimportant.
  • Whenever they feel anxiety or anger, they want to retreat into their world to process the emotion.
  • Hide their discomfort and their identity to a certain extent.
  • Feels overwhelmed very easily by external stimulation and expectations.
  • It’s quite easy for them be disengaged with the present situation and be in their own world.
  • The 9 fix helps the core 5 have a broader and a non-judgmental perspective.
  • The 5 fix helps the core 9 by going deeper into their understanding of people and things, narrowing the scope.

Personality Types blog[2]


These Fives might strike others as rather pleasant and cooperative persons, but they are usually more ambitious and purposeful than they let on. They are goal-oriented individualists who dream of achieving an impressive and long-lasting success in their field – they secretly desire becoming famous and leaving their mark on the world. These Fives are also more dependent on outer validation than others – they care more about their image and the way others perceive and react to them, therefore they might seem a little more conventional and mainstream in their behavior.
Typical subtypes: social, self-preserving, balanced wings
Similar tritypes: 5-9-3, 9-5-3
Flavours: cunning, congenial, goal-oriented and flexible.


These Fives are naturally diplomatic, peaceful and somewhat charismatic. They care about harmony and balance and are a bit anxious of people’s rejection and disapproval. Very sentient and tactful, they know how to reach their objectives without causing much fuss around them – they go with the flow and adapt to people and situations in a facile manner. They’re the type of people that others don’t see coming, skillfully speculating opportunities to their advantage while keeping a low profile.
Typical subtypes: self-preserving, social, 5w6
Similar tritypes: 5-3-9, 9-5-3
Flavours: tactful, well-mannered, collected and adaptable.


[1] Karkino (2021), Enneagram Pairings Revised & Expanded Edition
[2] Personality Types Blog (2009), Tritype Descriptions: Five

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