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126 - The Supporter Archetype

According to Katherine Fauvre

Community descriptions

Karkino (Personality Cafe)[1]

2+6: The Helper

Double compliant. Pairing that is the most focused on helping others. They are definitely service-oriented, and their attention is focused on others, even with dominant self-preservation instinct. They want to be seen as providing for others and watchful of people’s needs. Manage their insecurities by focusing their attention onto others and helping them. Can be easily flustered if they don’t know how to help and be of assistance. They take great pride in being important in someone’s life. Often give out personalized help depending on the person and the situation. Their life feel fulfilled with a service-oriented job, especially if they know they’ve made a difference. Indifference and ingratitude are intolerable to them. This pairing definitely fear being alone for long periods of time. They usually don’t mind doing menial work as long as they are acknowledged for it. Fear of being excluded, outside of the social circle, even if not dominant social instinct. Anxious to be of service, may create opportunities to help. May be clingy and dependent to the people they trust. May be sensitive to flattery and compliments since they crave them and that they can be great indicators for who is kind and trustworthy and who’s not. May turn their attention to others so much that they forget to nurture their own needs and feel drained and frustrated all the time. This pairing isn’t focusing on its inner world and can be totally out of touch of what is truly important to them. The 6 fix helps the core 2 to be aware of potential shifts and mishaps in their environment so to better be of service to people. The 2 fix helps the core 6 to understand emotional and relational issues and how they can benefit from it.

1+2: The Guide

Double compliant. Enhances the natural wings of ONE and TWO. Pairing that wants most focused on teaching and guiding people. Naturally like to inform and dispense information. May secretly cultivate a superiority complex. Easily frustrated with laziness, inattentive behavior. May need to show the example and be a role-model at all times. Extremely sensitive to ungratefulness. May push people too much to better themselves. Want to bring structure and being appreciated for it. Often want to be an agent of change, especially if social subtype. Often feel morally obligated to help people and will chose to ignore their own need in favor of helping people. They are very hard on themselves and want to be perceived as good people. Want to be seen as humble yet crave compliments. Their lower side is that they might think of themselves as incorruptible and that they cannot be flawed whatsoever. May be robotic and forceful in the way they help since it’s expected of them. Often hide their aggressive and resentful nature through selective criticism. Can be abusive and arrogant and think they have the right to be that way since people are ungrateful and don’t notice how hard they try to be selfless. Their anger can erupt in rather brusque and spectacular accusations and name-calling. On very low levels of health, may think of themselves as a martyr and/or as a victim. The 2 fix helps the core 1 be more aware of interpersonal needs and how their worldview affect people. The 1 fix helps the core 2 distance themselves from their emotional need and focus on the ethical quality in each situation.

1+6: The Guardian

Double compliant. Pairing that is the most focused on fulfilling its duties, being responsible. This is the turtle in the rabbit race or the ant in the Ant and the Grasshopper. Most structured-oriented of all pairings. Want to plan ahead and a give little space to surprise. Trust is not only a concept, but a vital line of conduct. May be a bit intolerant of innovative and counterculture ideas. Usually not a very creative combination (unless with FOUR fix and SEVEN wing). Want a secure and trustworthy environment to implement rules and regulations. Can take up a leadership position and still be sensitive to the underdog. May risk being too rigid and intolerant of new ways of doing things. Can be overly procedural and cautious in its approach to daily tasks. This SIX can oscillate between periods of phobic and counterphobic phases. Feel obligated to work and do what’s needed to maintain order in their lives. Too much pressure can make them irritable and exhausted, so they need to learn to take some time off to relax. Don’t understand people who don’t follow the rules and may even have disdain for them. Work hard to gain acceptance and recognition from the authority (most apparent with 136, least with 146). Laziness and indolence are seen as unacceptable. If people need help then they should at least work for it. The 6 fix helps the core 1 to be less formal and make alliances with people so they can share their views and discuss what’s important to them. The 1 fix helps the core 6 to anchor their doubts and fear onto an ideal and feel compelled to orient its life according to its precepts.

Personality Types blog[2]


A devoted, friendly, affiliative and altruistic One, very dedicated and conscientious but also more controlling and possessive of others. Seek people’s company and want to help them but sometimes tend to become a little manipulative and demanding, expecting appreciation and loyalty in return for their efforts. They are affectionate, caring and reliable friends and partners, but at times they can struggle with anxiety and start worrying about things going wrong.
usual subtypes: social, 1w2
similar tritypes: 1-6-2, 2-1-6, 6-1-2
flavours: helpful, devoted, giving and demanding


responsible, dutiful and devoted friends, these Ones are more affiliative and empathetic than others. Friendship and mutually-supportive relationships are important to them and so are trust, loyalty and integrity. They can be more rigid and rule-bound because of their insecurities: they are slow to change their old beliefs even when they’re proven wrong, and they’re usually steadfast and honest people. They’re somewhat suspicious and skeptical, but once they trust someone they are capable of great generosity.
usual subtypes: social, self-preserving, 1w2
similar tritypes: 1-2-6, 6-1-2, 2-1-6
flavours: responsible, loyal, honest and traditionalist


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[2] Personality Types Blog (2009), Tritype Descriptions: Type One

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