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279 - The Peacemaker Archetype

According to Katherine Fauvre

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Karkino (Personality Cafe)[1]

2+7: The Entertainer

  • Double positive outlook
  • Pairing that is the most hedonistic and focused on enjoyment.
  • This is the fairy or the lovely prince/princess.
  • Very social and gregarious.
  • People with this pairing are born entertainers that like to laugh.
  • Most charming and humorous people.
  • Bored and anxious when alone, needs the crowd to be stimulated.
  • Can’t stand negativity and will minimize problems if possible.
  • Find innovative ways to include people in their shenanigans.
  • They need to inject a more realistic approach to their daily problems, otherwise they will alienate themselves from others on the long run.
  • Please and manipulate people by keeping things and themselves interesting.
  • Very friendly demeanor. Often wants to be friends with everyone.
  • May think that everyone like them and that they can be above reproach.
  • Avoid criticism by being nice, funny with a hint of cheekiness.
  • Become miserable in an isolated environment with repetitive workload.
  • Want to be of service in an original and fun way.
  • May adopt a likeable and upbeat persona whatever the Gut type or instinctual stacking.
  • Want to be praised for being interesting, witty and entertaining.
  • Core TWOs might be more likely to assert their needs than other TWOs because of need for variety and avoidance of pain of SEVEN.
  • Capricious about what they want but still don’t want others to turn their back on them, so they might compromise and be likeable.
  • The 7 fix helps the core 2 to widen their scope and let them get some of the enjoyment while being with others.
  • The 2 fix helps the core 7 to focus more on others’ wellbeing and share their experiences with them.

2+9: The Benevolent

  • Double positive outlook.
  • Pairing that is the most gentle and non-threatening.
  • Dreamy, yet also focused on others.
  • Often disown anything that could be perceived as negative or problematic.
  • Want to be uplifting in a soft, healing way.
  • Unassertive, may not know how to deal with conflict.
  • Like to comfort people with encouraging words.
  • Want to be liked and be seen as easygoing, comforting.
  • May want to give general advice that is non-specific yet helpful.
  • Manage their anger and need by forgetting themselves and by merging with what others want.
  • Can secretly feel unnoticed, depreciated and lonely.
  • Often genuinely care for others even if not always apparent.
  • Help people by easing out the anxiety and soothing out the emotional pain.
  • It’s hard to see their pride since the NINE part will even deny of having any of it.
  • Love seeing everyone they love together in harmony, especially if they’ve contributed to it.
  • Usually quite humble and unaware of their sense of pride.
  • Often have a delicate and mellow personality.
  • This is the quietly positive person that doesn’t mind doing menial tasks to help people.
  • The 9 fix helps the core 2 to see all points of views and be of assistance in a non-intrusive way.
  • The 2 fix helps the core 9 be more proactive in taking into account the needs of others and assert their need for appreciation.

7+9: The Optimist

  • Double positive outlook.
  • Pairing that wants things to be easy and stress-free the most.
  • This is the dreamer or the troubadour archetype.
  • Don’t like to overcomplicate life and avoid seeing problems.
  • It doesn’t take them much to get excited but also not much to get bored.
  • Wants variety in a comfortable and unpretentious way.
  • Child-like energy in this pairing; very gentle and sunny disposition.
  • There is nothing rough or uppity with this pairing.
  • People mostly feel welcome and at ease with them.
  • Soft, expansive energy, always dreaming about what could be.
  • Most unfocused and ungrounded pairing of all.
  • Keeping a focus is hard for them.
  • They want to see the glass half full and have a hard time with negativity.
  • Can be secretly malcontent with what they have and don’t display their discomfort.
  • Seek novelty without forcing the events and are very adaptable.
  • Often have a lazy side that don't want to deal with boring or serious tasks.
  • Can seek excitement through material cravings (eating, gambling, spending, etc.) and not realizing how problematic it is.
  • Prone to compulsive but comforting addictions.
  • They don’t see how destructive they can be to themselves and others when they go into their unhealthy stages and shut off any negativity and responsibilities to stratify their need to escape reality.
  • The 9 fix helps the core 7 soften and temper their excitability in addition to being less prickly and overtly impatient.
  • The 7 fix helps the core 9 bolster their self-confidence and be more proactive and relational.


[1] Karkino (2021), Enneagram Pairings Revised & Expanded Edition

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