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358 - The Solution Master Archetype

According to Katherine Fauvre

Community descriptions

Karkino (Personality Cafe)[1]

3+5: The Professional

  • Double competency.
  • Paring that is the most focused on appearing knowledgeable.
  • Often want to dive deep into a few subjects and become an expert at them.
  • Cultivate the image of a specialist, especially when social subtype.
  • Like to have a deep grasp on one subject than dabbling in multiple ones.
  • They often have an intellectual arrogance about what they know.
  • Their identity can be wrapped around being knowledgeable and hide their vulnerable side behind their academic pursuits.
  • It’s often not enough to know about a subject. They have to know it well enough for them to be held in great esteem and do something with it.
  • May have impressive credentials or being above average compared to its peers.
  • Productive, yet want to work at their own pace.
  • They avoid failure by being selective of what they show to others.
  • Very hidden personality because of the need for compartmentalization and always showing off an image of success.
  • May risk throwing off the relational and emotional aspect of their life and become robotic in their decision process.
  • Very cold and distant personality no matter the gut type.
  • May appear more confident about what they know than they really are.
  • Seek objectivity and exhaustivity as well as a way to promote themselves through information.
  • Some people with this pairing may want to dress conservatively yet always look sharp.
  • Often great at mastering something and doing something successful with it.
  • The 5 fix helps the core 3 to home in on some specific subject and further understand all its parts.
  • The 3 fix helps the core 5 to put its intellectual prowess out there and be more polished in their overall demeanor.

3+8: The Challenger

  • Double assertive.
  • Pairing that is the most aggressive and assertive.
  • Think of a steamroller or a tank: fearsome, bulky, resistant, yet difficult to steer and maneuver.
  • They are often rivals or opponents of some sort in fiction.
  • Can use intimidating tactics in order to win.
  • They often have a determined look on their face.
  • Very committed to their goals and don’t give up easily.
  • They are made to spar and combat in many different forms.
  • Want to give off a fierce and tough image as well as one of a winner.
  • May ridicule and/or belittle those who are more sensitive and emotionally expressive.
  • May think that they are invulnerable at times, that they can take up anything.
  • Often make themselves bigger than they actually are; it’s hard to not notice them in a crowd.
  • Action-oriented person that may skip the details to fast unless they have a FIVE fix.
  • Absolutely hate to lose; very strong egotic stance.
  • Loves a good challenge and can be brash and impetuous.
  • May not know their limits at first and be prone to accidents or burnouts.
  • Know how to make an impact and have it their way despite not always following the rules.
  • Are often disconnected to their heart and more vulnerable side.
  • Hard to deter form their goals and can be too single-minded.
  • See emotions as a burden and a sign of weakness, not realizing that it can be a powerful way of communicating inner desires and intentions.
  • The 8 fix helps the core 3 to rely less on their image and be more independent.
  • The 3 fix helps the core 8 to consider polishing their discourse before standing their ground too strongly.

5+8: The Independent

  • Double rejection.
  • Pairing that is the most strategic in their thinking.
  • Enhances the natural line of connection to FIVE and EIGHT.
  • This is the chess master or the mastermind.
  • Very strong opinions about topic they like or study.
  • Knowledge is power to them.
  • Never attack upfront first but can be sneaky and never let its sight away from their opponent.
  • Often doesn’t rely on one course of action and can change on a whim according to the situation.
  • May be underestimated by their peers because of the FIVE’s low energy giving the EIGHT are more subdued presence.
  • This FIVE is less intellectual in the sense of bookworm and more streetwise as this pairing learns best by experience.
  • They oscillate between action and observation very quickly as to never be truly in the moment nor completely still.
  • They often look calm and fixated on something, as they are waiting to strike on their prey at the right time.
  • Menacing or unfriendly presence even if unintentional.
  • Mix of hot and cold energy; may be hard to follow and hard to know deeply.
  • Their heart is very well protected and can be hard to access even to them.
  • Often have a razor-sharp mind and are very good at problem-solving.
  • Have a difficult time connecting with others in a casual, superficial way.
  • Can alternate between periods of action and reflection.
  • The 8 fix helps the core 5 putting their ideas out there and assert themselves.
  • The 5 fix helps the core 8 understand the need to contemplate in order to better grasp the situation.

Personality Types blog[2]


More ambitious, competitive and assertive than others, these Fives stand out through their leadership abilities. They are rather good at managing people and know how to employ their powers and competencies in order to obtain an effective result. Pragmatic, goal-oriented and driven, but also a tad arrogant and egotistical, they know how to influence a situation to their advantage. And yet, although they are proficient in authority positions, others can find them quite unsympathetic and self-interested, with very little interest in people who cannot be of clear use to them.
Typical subtypes: social, sexual, balanced wings
Similar tritypes: 5-8-3, 3-5-8, 8-5-3
Flavours: self-confident, pragmatic, hard-working and narcissistic.


A more ambitious, materialistic and dominant Five, who has a talent for leadership and a desire for achievement. More competitive and assertive than others, these Fives manage to get out of their shells more often to experience life in a more direct manner and obtain a position of power and success. Although still reserved and secretive, they exude a certain amount of self-confidence and strength which prevents their true vulnerabilities from being guessed by others (a huge fear of this tritype).
Typical subtypes: social, self-preserving, 5w6 (counterphobic wing)
Similar tritypes: 5-3-8, 8-5-3
Flavours: poised, ambitious, domineering and territorial.


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[2] Personality Types Blog (2009), Tritype Descriptions: Five

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