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127 - The Teacher Archetype

According to Katherine Fauvre

Community descriptions

Karkino (Personality Cafe)[1]

1+2: The Guide

Double compliant. Enhances the natural wings of ONE and TWO. Pairing that wants most focused on teaching and guiding people. Naturally like to inform and dispense information. May secretly cultivate a superiority complex. Easily frustrated with laziness, inattentive behavior. May need to show the example and be a role-model at all times. Extremely sensitive to ungratefulness. May push people too much to better themselves. Want to bring structure and being appreciated for it. Often want to be an agent of change, especially if social subtype. Often feel morally obligated to help people and will chose to ignore their own need in favor of helping people. They are very hard on themselves and want to be perceived as good people. Want to be seen as humble yet crave compliments. Their lower side is that they might think of themselves as incorruptible and that they cannot be flawed whatsoever. May be robotic and forceful in the way they help since it’s expected of them. Often hide their aggressive and resentful nature through selective criticism. Can be abusive and arrogant and think they have the right to be that way since people are ungrateful and don’t notice how hard they try to be selfless. Their anger can erupt in rather brusque and spectacular accusations and name-calling. On very low levels of health, may think of themselves as a martyr and/or as a victim. The 2 fix helps the core 1 be more aware of interpersonal needs and how their worldview affect people. The 1 fix helps the core 2 distance themselves from their emotional need and focus on the ethical quality in each situation.

2+7: The Entertainer

Double positive outlook Pairing that is the most hedonistic and focused on enjoyment. This is the fairy or the lovely prince/princess. Very social and gregarious. People with this pairing are born entertainers that like to laugh. Most charming and humorous people. Bored and anxious when alone, needs the crowd to be stimulated. Can’t stand negativity and will minimize problems if possible. Find innovative ways to include people in their shenanigans. They need to inject a more realistic approach to their daily problems, otherwise they will alienate themselves from others on the long run. Please and manipulate people by keeping things and themselves interesting. Very friendly demeanor. Often wants to be friends with everyone. May think that everyone like them and that they can be above reproach. Avoid criticism by being nice, funny with a hint of cheekiness. Become miserable in an isolated environment with repetitive workload. Want to be of service in an original and fun way. May adopt a likeable and upbeat persona whatever the Gut type or instinctual stacking. Want to be praised for being interesting, witty and entertaining. Core TWOs might be more likely to assert their needs than other TWOs because of need for variety and avoidance of pain of SEVEN. Capricious about what they want but still don’t want others to turn their back on them, so they might compromise and be likeable. The 7 fix helps the core 2 to widen their scope and let them get some of the enjoyment while being with others. The 2 fix helps the core 7 to focus more on others’ wellbeing and share their experiences with them.

1+7: The Catalyst

Double frustration. Enhances the natural line of connection to ONE and SEVEN. Pairing that is the most focused on joining order and chaos together. Pairing opposing two different polarities that can be difficult to sustain harmoniously. People with this combination are often idealistic and want to bring structure with enjoyment. May let go of the pressure of the internal critic more easily than the other ONE combinations. Can look serious and enthusiastic at the same time. Perfectionistic, even in their creative side. May be hard to follow with their high ideals. Often have an eye for detail and see the big picture at the same time. Want to build something interesting in an orderly fashion. Often pushes their innovative side too much and end up dissatisfied or burned out. Anger is managed by letting go of the pressure through finding a new way for doing tasks. Their creativity must be used purposefully, and this dichotomy can be incredibly frustrating. Can’t stop thinking how they can improve their environment or finding new ways of transmitting information and achieving goals. Unpredictable emotional demonstrations; mostly anger and frustration (especially if dominant sexual instinct). Often have a strong connection to their intuitive function (MBTI) regardless if intuitive dominant or not. The 7 fix helps the core 1 to unwind and let go of the rigid standards by thinking outside the box and focusing of the possibilities. The 1 fix helps the core 7 to focus on putting their creative side under some structural guidance and filter through unnecessary chaos.

Personality Types blog[2]


This is usually a very friendly One: fairly generous, caring, optimistic and also a bit playful when having a good day. Prefers being around people and is afraid of being lonely and unloved. This tritype is more compassionate, tolerant and understanding and has a desire to help other people and make their lives happier, therefore they have many friends. They enjoy a good laugh and occasionally a bit of variety as well.
usual subtypes: social, sexual, 1w2
similar tritypes: 1-7-2, 2-1-7
flavours: friendly, sociable, kind and approachable


This is usually a healthier One: generous, open, friendly, and willing to kick back and have fun more often. Avoid loneliness and try to keep a busy schedule, with lots of projects and things to do – they usually also bring most of them to completion. This tritype is more tolerant and accepting of change and differences: they enjoy trying something new every once in a while. They are more flexible and outgoing, more playful and optimistic than other Ones.
typical subtypes: sexual, social, 1w2
similar tritypes: 1-2-7, 2-1-7
flavours: friendly, generous, optimistic and humorous


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[2] Personality Types Blog (2009), Tritype Descriptions: Type One

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